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Facebook testing 'Suggested Time' feature to improve post scheduling

Facebook testing 'Suggested Time' feature to improve post scheduling Blog Feature

October 22nd, 2019 min read

Social media platforms are consistently pumping out and testing new features to improve user experience. Facebook’s Suggested Time feature falls under this umbrella. This is not yet a permanent staple to Facebook's platform, as the feature is currently being tested. However, we’ve got all the details you need to stay on top of the latest developments.

The most important thing to remember is that the Suggested Time feature is still in the testing phase and a formal roll-out has not yet been announced. So, we will be looking out for updates to share as they are made available. 

What we do know is the feature itself is intended to allow site admins to share content with users during optimal times when their audience is the most active. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 4.44.16 PM

Note the explanation just beneath the marker which reads: "Schedule your post based on when your fans were most active last week."

How it’s different from other scheduling tools

Many publishing tools have been offering similar features for some time now. This scheduling feature is distinguished for using Facebook’s internal data on its native tool instead of third party insights. 

Why internal data matters

Internal data is the data that Facebook collects directly. By contrast, third-party tools will not have access to that same exact internal data, instead relying on other resources to generate suggested times. For example, third party sites may use marketing trends to determine the best times to post.

While this information is valuable, it is not as platform-specific or precise as internal data. Using Facebook’s own data can give you more granular and accurate insights. 

How does the feature work

Users planning to schedule a post will be given a suggested time based on when their audience is typically most active.

Those who are posting will be able to opt to use the suggested time or go with a selected time-slot of their own. Once a designated time has been chosen, simply click schedule and you are done! 

Why it’s important for marketers

This feature if/when rolled out would be a big win for marketers. We've reported in the past on the best times to post on any given platform, but there is always some amount of guess-work in such predictions. Of course, Facebook's new feature is also only a prediction, but it will offer the most accuracy of anything thus far. As we know the incredible value of organic posts on Facebook, this feature could greatly influence engagement, impressions, and, ultimately, revenue. 

Being able to get in front of your audience during their most active times would be groundbreaking. Marketers could reach their audience more effectively and efficiently with this tool. 

Stay tuned for updates as this story continues to unfold!

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