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"How to Survive a Company Restructure at Your Agency" [Creator's Block, Ep. 108]

"How to Survive a Company Restructure at Your Agency" [Creator's Block, Ep. 108] Blog Feature

Justine Timoteo Thomas

Director of Training, Host of Creator's Block Podcast, 10+ Years of Project Management Experience

July 9th, 2019 min read

In the nearly three years I've been at IMPACT, I've experienced four different company structures.

The latest iteration just launched last week where we moved individuals into teams based on their roles, with the intention to allow for a better learning environment and career advancements.

Personally, I'm excited for this restructure but I'm not naive in thinking it will go perfect and smoothly over the next several weeks (even months).

As agencies continue to grow, restructuring is inevitable.

What worked for us when I was hired on as employee (approximately) number 23 doesn't work for us as an agency of 65+ people.

And what currently works may not as we continue to hire, which means additional organization structures are bound to happen.

This week, I had Director of Client Services Katie Pritchard join me to talk about how to survive a company restructure. 

Listen in and let us know your best tips!

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What We Talked About

  • Asking Questions
  • Getting Involved
  • Reflecting
  • Being Open-Minded / Flexible
  • Being Proactive
  • Not Faking Being Fearless


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