How IMPACT Is Responding to COVID-19 and Its Effect On Businesses

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to change the world, we’re all navigating through uncertainty. 

At IMPACT, we embrace the principle of “living in the solution.” This means that even in times of struggle, we seek to be solution-oriented. While our number one concern is the health and safety of our employees and our community, we are also here to make sure your business is set up for success, even in these turbulent times.

We have taken extra measures to help our clients and the IMPACT community have access to the tools and resources they need right now. 

Below are some of the ways we are here to help you through this. Please know that our (virtual) door is always open and if you have any questions reach out to us at anytime


How we're helping

No Layoffs. Our Entire Team Is Here For You and Working Remote.

We've had no changes to our day-to-day operations or to our team during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to social-distancing guidelines, IMPACT already embraced a remote working culture, with a large portion of our 65-person staff working outside of the office. For us, the transition to a 100% virtual workplace was seamless and caused little disruption. We are still here for you, just as we were before.

Early Release of IMPACT+

With many businesses facing changes to their budget, team or business service, we made the decision to expedite the release of our new online learning community, IMPACT+. During this time, we felt it was more important than ever for our community to have access to world-class education specifically designed to help with your company's sales performance during this turbulent time, but also to help you master your digitals sales and marketing skills. There are many courses and event recordings that are currently available right now, and we're doubling down adding more content for you as fast as we can. And the best part, you can get access right now, for free!

IMPACT+ Pro Launch Pricing Reduced to $39/mo. (from $99/mo.)

When launching IMPACT+, we originally planned to launch with $99/mo. per user pricing. But then the world changed. So we made the decision to launch IMPACT+ Pro at only $39/mo. until at least May 30th, and depending on economic conditions, this may be extended.  Users that sign up at this discounted $39/mo. special pricing will get IMPACT+ Pro for only $39/mo. for life!

COVID-19 Resources

Our team is continually updating our Learning Center with content specific to the impact of coronavirus on businesses. These resources are full of information on marketing in the age of COVID-19, selling in a virtual world, critical information for your business on the stimulus package and more. 

Train Your Sales Team to Sell Virtually

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to go virtual and many were not prepared. Our new Virtual Sales Training is meant for sales teams who are struggling to adapt to selling in a video-first, virtual world. At IMPACT, video for sales has always been one of our specialties and our team is here to help guide you through to success. 


Virtual Event Consulting

Here at IMPACT, we had the tumultuous task of converting our in-person conference to a virtual conference, and we had 3 weeks to figure it out. This included building an agenda, choosing a technology, staffing the event appropriately, budget management, and promotion. Luckily, it was a huge success for us and we learned A TON in the process. We understand that a lot of businesses are trying to figure out how to do the same.

While live events have changed for the foreseeable future, that doesn't mean your events strategy is over. To help businesses shift from in-person to virtual events we have recently launched Virtual Event Consulting. We're here to help guide you through shifting your event strategy to host industry-leading virtual events that drive sales, engage customers, and build your community.

Digital Sales & Marketing World is Postponed to 11/30-12/2.

Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of the IMPACT community. So, as mentioned earlier, we made the decision to move our conference, Digital Sales & Marketing World, to later this year. While it was a financial hit, it was absolutely the right thing to do. 

If you already bought your ticket, there's no action needed at this time, you've been automatically transferred to the new dates. But since there's so much uncertainty right now, we've decided that we needed to modify our cancelation policy. All registrants now have the opportunity to cancel with a 100% refund up until 45 days before the event. This way, those interested can register risk-free, and those already registered can monitor the economic conditions before making any immediate decisions. 

We've also decided to bring back pricing early-bird discounts. All-access passes are now only $999 (regularly $1,699) and VIP passes are only $1,499 (regularly $2,199). Sponsorship opportunities are also available. 

Adjusted Payment Terms for Clients

We want to do everything we possibly can to support our clients. If you're having trouble making payments or maintaining services, please reach out to us immediately. Based on your current situation, we may be able to help with discounts and payment terms. We're willing to do whatever we possibly can to help support you during these times.

Please Stay Safe

We want to urge you to please stay home and do everything you can to stay safe. We're all in this together, and it's just a moment in time. It will pass. We're thinking of everyone in our community who may be affected by this pandemic, we thank those on the front lines who are risking their health and safety to help others, and our heart goes out to all the workers and businesses in crisis.