Cyber Security Firm Saw 450% Increase in Leads with HubSpot in First 90 Days

About Company

FourV Systems is a leading cyber security startup located in the heart of Baltimore. In the face of the growing volume and severity of cyber security incidents, FourV's GreySpark platform provides organizations with a cyber-specific business intelligence dashboard that enables them to analyze, prioritize, and manage IT security risks.

The Way it Was

Prior to working with IMPACT, FourV’s website was not a significant source of new leads for the business. They were light on content and lacked the conversion architecture necessary to effectively convert anonymous website visitors into leads, and then nurture those leads through the buyer’s journey to become clients.

When they approached IMPACT, they had a clear set of goals: increase their pool of sales-ready leads, refine their messaging strategy, and increase brand awareness.

The Pain Points 

FourV’s internal team understood the importance of addressing their own marketing shortfalls -- for example, even though the value FourV provides their clients is clear, the company needed a way to communicate that value to prospective leads through their marketing efforts.

However, they did not have a sustainable plan in place to produce a consistent stream of content or an overall roadmap to guide the prioritization of their marketing activities. Additionally, they did not have the time or the resources in-house to utilize their HubSpot all-in-one inbound marketing software to its fullest potential, in order to achieve their goals.

What They Decided to Do

The team at FourV knew they needed an inbound marketing partner who could not only help them in developing and executing a high-level marketing strategy, but also could help them drive results by maximizing the potential of their HubSpot platform.

Because the FourV team had a multiple challenges they wanted to tackle -- and they wanted to see measurable results quickly -- IMPACT implemented a robust inbound marketing strategy in three phases, that leveraged the full suite of HubSpot tools.

What We Did

The three phases of IMPACT's marketing strategy for FourV were short-term, mid-term, and long-term, with clearly-defined deliverables and objectives for each stage:


Defining FourV's four key buyer personas. Immediate “gating” of existing content, development of a centralized website knowledge center for the company's webinars, white papers, eBooks, and premium content offers, as well as an email nurturing strategy targeted at the company's current prospects. 


HubSpot Tools Used: Landing pages, personaswebsite platformform builder, email marketing and workflows.


Development of marketing and educational content, as well as a web-based resource center for channel sales partner and managed security services provider (MSSP) personas.


This included updating website pages, creating partner program materials (brochure, landing page, forms), related content offers and email nurturing workflows that supported the growth and expansion of the company's partner channel.

HubSpot Tools Used: Landing pageswebsite platformform builder, email marketing and workflows.


Development of an SEO-focused blogging and content offer strategy to drive increased organic traffic and capture qualified top-of-the-funnel sales leads.


We combined this effort with a strong nurturing email marketing workflow strategy to help move new leads down the funnel once converted. 

HubSpot Tools Used: Blogginglanding pagesform builder, email marketing and workflows.

"I appreciate working with IMPACT because they are easily accessible and attentive to our needs. They balance respect for our calendars with the communication necessary to ensure timeframes are met and goals exceeded. Everyone on the team is always timely and well prepared.


Most importantly, although they guide us based on experience, they are willing to modify their deliverables based on our feedback. They take the time to ask the right questions and it's evident that they really listen to our answers. The quality of their work is truly top notch."

Adam Aghion Director of Channel Sales and Alliances, FourV

The Results

FourV saw outstanding results over the first 90 days in working with IMPACT and using HubSpot.

  • Pipeline: 7 deals in pipeline, including 5 marketing qualified, 1 sales qualified and 1 in progress.
  • Bottom of the Funnel Leads: 5 GreySpark demo requests and partner applications.
  • Website Traffic: 40% month-over-month growth in website visitors overall.
  • Organic Traffic: 125% increase in organic website traffic.
  • Leads: 450% month-over-month growth in lead generation.

To this day, they continue to see exponential growth in lead conversions, month-over-month:

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 3.23.14 PM.png

In addition to bringing in new qualified leads, IMPACT empowered FourV to engage with 1,500 pre-existing HubSpot contacts in their database, through targeted re-engagement campaigns, that had been left out of previous marketing outreach efforts.

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