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Getting in front of the right target audience shouldn't be difficult

Maximize your audience exposure in front of marketing, sales professionals, marketing agencies and business leaders, while getting you the results you're looking for.

Position yourself in front of professionals hungry for tools to improve their results.

If your brand targets digital marketers, sales professionals, agencies, or business leaders - you’re in good company. 

IMPACT's audience is a collection of passionate leaders looking for new products and services to help move the digital sales and marketing needle.

Audience details

Unique Monthly Sessions
Monthly Impressions
Newsletter Subscribers
are Business Leaders
are Digital Marketers
are Sales Professionals
are C-Suite and VP

How you can get in front of our audience

THE LATEST Sponsorship

THE LATEST is IMPACT’s email newsletter, delivered to inboxes three times a week. Written and hand-curated by IMPACT Editorial Director Liz Moorehead, THE LATEST empowers business leaders, digital marketers, and sales pros with all of the expert news and insights to help them make smarter decisions faster… all in under five minutes.

Put your brand in front of 40,000+ marketers, sales professionals, and business leaders looking for what's new in digital sales and marketing - and what can give them a competitive edge.

Promote a new offer, blog article, product launch (you get the picture), and help our audience see the value in your specific offering. 

Pricing is based on a per issue, per-1,000-impression basis. Starting at $25 CPM per issue. 

How can I lower my CPM? CPM is reduced starting at 3+ issues.

Presenting Sponsor

Increase brand awareness and mindshare with our audience of sales professionals, marketers, and business leaders with a session during one of IMPACT’s virtual events. 

Present a pre-recorded 25-minute presentation during a virtual event to educate attendees and show the value of your company, while you interact and respond to their questions in real-time. Creating a truly memorable experience that isn’t possible with in-person events. 

Not only will your logo and branding be displayed prominently on the event agenda, in-event session landing page. You’ll also receive the list of the attendees that opted-in to hear from sponsors and joined your session. 

The IMPACT event team can work with you to craft a talk title and description to help create a compelling session and increase your attendance rate.

Pricing for Presenting Sponsorships start at $3,500

Sponsored Article: Fastpass

Due to the volume of content contribution requests we receive, we are highly selective in regards to what gets published. 

Want to speed up the process? Sponsoring your contributed post prioritizes your content to be published, typically, within a few weeks. However, the content still must first be accepted for publication by our editorial team based on our quality standards and code of ethics.

If, after two rounds of revisions and feedback, your article doesn’t meet our brand guidelines additional costs may be incurred to improve the content quality. We reserve the right to refuse content at any time. 

Fastpassing your content contribution is a one-time fee of $1,000

Sponsored Article: Custom Content

Work closely with IMPACT’s content team to create an article that will excite and educate our readers. All while creating mindshare and brand awareness for your company. 

You’ll meet with our Editorial Content Manager for an interview, from which the article will be created and published under your brand experts byline. This ensures that the article meets our editorial standards and brand guidelines, as well as positioning it to resonate with our audience.

Articles produced will be roughly 1,500 words, will be published like any other article on the IMPACT website, and can include a call to action at the end directed to your website or landing page.

Custom Content Sponsored Articles are a one-time fee of $3,500.

Sponsored Article: Interview

You’re a digital marketer, business leader, or sales pro with an idea you want to share with our audience. Sit down with IMPACT’s editorial content manager for an interview, which will help your message shine. 

An interview session typically includes four to six deep interview questions, plus follow-up questions, as needed. Those initial questions will be submitted to you for review in advance. This level of advanced preparation allows for rich discussion and conversation which, in turn, will yield a highly engaging and valuable article for our audience.

In our experience, we’ve found that stories and pitches centered around answering a specific question or solving a clearly defined problem resonate the most with our digital sales and marketing-focused audience.

The Interview Article produced will be roughly 1,500 words, and will be published like any other article on the IMPACT website.

You can see examples of all past interviews here. 

Sponsored Article Interviews are a one-time fee of $1,500.

Podcast Sponsorships

Boost brand recognition and build credibility with our audience by sponsoring one of our podcasts. Our podcast audience segments range from HubSpotters, content managers, and front-line marketers, to c-level executives, VPs, and directors. Put your brand in front of a motivated audience who is always looking for what's new in digital sales and marketing — and what can give them the competitive edge.

Each sponsorship includes dedicated 15-second ad space at the beginning of an episode and another 60-second ad space in the middle of an episode. You’ll work with IMPACT to make sure the podcast host has everything they need to create a natural-sounding script for your ad space

Pricing is based on a per episode, per-1,000-impression basis. Starting at $50 CPM per episode.

How can I lower my CPM? CPM is reduced starting at 3+ episodes

Don’t know what podcast you should be sponsoring? Based on your goals, an IMPACT account executive will work with you to determine the best placement for your sponsorship.

Listicle Placement

Improve your brand’s awareness and SEO with increased brand authority through backlinks with a sponsored placement in an IMPACT “listicle” article. 

Your sponsorship will earn the placement of your brand on the article of interest in the third spot it being there for the lifetime of the article - in addition to being listed as the brand sponsor for the article.

The sponsor will work with our team to create the placement description, which must follow all editorial and brand standards. Our team will require a demo, or test version of the product to make sure we can confidently recommend them to our audience.

Listicle Placements start at $500.

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