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When we chose to postpone Digital Sales & Marketing World 2020 we knew we also wanted to host a virtual event on the original date. But with just 4 weeks to do it, could we make it happen?

Well, we did. I have plenty to share from what I learned along the way.
Check out the resources below to learn about how we did it and what we learned. 

👉Looking for the best virtual event software?
Since that's the most common question I get, here's my answer: 5 best virtual event software options

👉My guide on how to run a virtual event complete with checklists, tips, and screenshots is finally here. It's a roughly 21-minute read. Check it out now!


Podcasts and interviews.

Real Marketers Podcast: How to create a best-in-class event (aka why I will never do a traditional hybrid event)



Articles, guides, and checklists.

Virtual event planning: How we took a 3,000-person virtual sales and marketing event from idea to reality [Interview]

Your company’s live event just got cancelled; Should you host a virtual one?

How long does it really take to plan a successful virtual event?

The team members you must have for a successful virtual event
What does a virtual event consultant actually do?
How much does virtual event consulting cost? 

How to find and manage speakers for your virtual events

Virtual event technology: What does the future hold for marketers?
5 best virtual event software options for businesses and brands

Our case study with virtual events platform Accelevents

How To Drive Social Interaction At Your Virtual Event
Speaker guidelines for virtual events 
8 ways to make your virtual presentation memorable and engaging

More from my team: 

How to promote a virtual event (our 8 best tips and strategies)

What I learned hosting a virtual marketing event for 3,000 people

Struggling with event sponsorships? This is likely why

What does a virtual event sponsorship actually look like?

From our friends at Vidyard:

Everything You Need to Know About Online Events 


How to Run a Virtual Conference (Watch the recording from Digital Sales & Marketing Day!)
To watch, sign up for a free IMPACT+ account, log in, and click on "recordings." 

YOUniverse: Watch the recording of From Tradeshow to Tradewhoa

Video and production tips from hosting our first virtual event [Film School for Marketers, Ep. 43]

Stephanie's thoughts on BigMarker and Hopin as virtual event platforms