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May 25, 2019

Better Browsing on Firefox, Better Brand Recognition on Google, & Better Community Bonds...This Is THE LATEST!

So, I had a recurring realization this week.  

Whether it's my best friends, my family, or my teammates, I often hear the same thing: "you're too hard on yourself."

And the truth is I know I am. A lot of us are.

As Justine and Marcella discussed in Creator's Block last week, we strive for perfection then beat ourselves up when we don't achieve it.

I'm not sure if this is the result of how we were raised or simply society, but one thing is for sure -- it isn't realistic. Perfection means different things to different people and frankly, it's impossible to achieve.  

The very best we can all do is to strive to be a little bit better every day.

A better friend, a better son or daughter, a better person in general.

I'm not saying this is going to be easy, but it is a goal anyone can reach and will only compound over time.

That being said, here are some insights to help you be a better marketer in the coming week.  

🔥 A Major Update to Firefox Will Change Its User Experience and Marketers Need to Be Prepared

While Google Chrome owns most of the browser market, Mozilla Firefox remains firmly in second place with almost 10% of worldwide users (about 250 million) turning to it according to StatCounter. That number may have potential to grow, however, as Firefox has just announced several updates that will dramatically improve its user experience. Account Executive Jenna Ott shares how the browser is getting harder, better, faster, and stronger and what marketers need to do in response. 

🔍  Google Is Adding Favicons to Its SERP in a Small Redesign But Big Branding Move

If you've visited Google on mobile lately, you've likely noticed the tiny, but mighty update that has added a website's favicon (usually its logo) alongside the page title. While a small change, this could do wonders for a company's brand recognition.

🙋🏽 Are You Leaving Your Brand's Community in the Right Hands?

When our Director of Audience Engagement & Community, Stephanie Baiocchi, first took over managing our social media presences and Facebook group, IMPACT Elite, I can't lie -- I was nervous. For so many years, they were some of my many IMPACT babies and you wouldn't just let anyone take care of your children, right? Stephanie, of course, is wonderful at her job, but finding someone like her isn't easy. In this article, she dives into the qualities of a great community manager and how you should go about hiring one for your organization. 

👀 ... When You're All Ears (& Eyes) 

🎉  Weekend Nonsense

If you still haven't seen the Game of Thrones series finale yet, (1) we need to discuss your priorities and (2) WARNING: this Weekend Nonsense may contain spoilers. 

In this hilarious recut of the highly-criticized conclusion of Game Of Thrones, Twitter user Senor Pachanga, merged scenes from the episode with the closing dialogue of the 80's teen classic, The Breakfast Club. The result is pure gold. Check it out:


Note: Shout out to IMPACT's Ali Parmelee and Joel Waggener for sharing this with me!