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April 14, 2020

How to support your remote team through COVID-19, top content manager problems (and how to fix them), and a new report says that COVID-19 is shrinking budgets but increasing focus on SEO ...this is THE LATEST!

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This week marks the start of the fifth week that the IMPACT home office in New Haven, Connecticut, has been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. This means all employees (instead of a percentage) are now working from home full-time. 

Even though I worked from home full-time before I moved up to Connecticut for more than two years, it's been an adjustment... to say the least.  

Of course, I've learned that some things don't change.

Pumpkin still refuses to accept that there's such a thing as "social distancing," especially when I'm trying to, you know, get some writing done, which is hard enough as it is:


Also, IMPACT community manager, video for sales author, and all-around best human Myriah Anderson continues to have... well... 

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 7.53.19 PM

...let's say "intense" reactions to my musings about meal-time options.

Still, more has changed than remained the same. Particularly in terms of how I interact with the rest of my IMPACT family, and I mean that in a very positive way.

Part of this is by design, as IMPACT VP of Talent Natalie Davis and her team have put so much effort into creating genuinely fun and creative ways for all of us to be more connected than ever before. 

Another part, however, is... well, I don't know, actually! 

Going beyond the "let's say what's been left unsaid" conversations I've mentioned before, I've found I'm having deeper and more meaningful discussions than I did previously with a few choice and totally unexpected people in my life — both inside and outside out of work. (These chats always leave a grin on my face; the kind you try to stifle, but you just can't.)

It's as if the pandemic has opened a small door for those who need or crave more of... something, anything, whether they realize it or not. 

Yes, like so many of you, I still long for the day when I am allowed to see people again and move about the world. 

When I can hug a friend, go to a local brewery, try wacky and outrageous food I've never had before by ordering blindly off of a menu at a restaurant, spontaneously book a plane ticket to somewhere abroad so I can fall off the map for a little while, share laughs late at night around a campfire, savor the way the warmth of someone's smile feels against the palm of my hand, or just hang out with friends and play nerdy board games.

But for right now, in this moment, I want to cherish these unexpected little interactions and the fact that I am forced to slow down, pause, and see what a gift they really are.

And now, here's THE LATEST...

👉 "How can we help better support our employees now that everyone is working remotely?" (6-minute read)

With so many businesses forced to quickly adopt a work-from-home culture during the coronavirus pandemic, there were inevitably going to be stumbles along the way. Here at IMPACT, over half of our employees work remotely all the time, so, once the pandemic hit, we leaned more heavily into our culture, spruced up our home offices, and prepared to weather the storm. In this interview with IMPACT VP of Talent Natalie Davis, learn exactly how we're boosting morale and supporting our employees who are all now working from home through the coronavirus pandemic.

💬 You asked, we answered 

👉 "What are the most common problems content managers face, and how can they solve for them?" (7-minute read)

Even though content managers joining digital marketing teams has (thankfully!) become more mainstream, us professional word wranglers and brand storytellers often deal with challenges — like building a marketing content calendar that doesn't suck — that no one else in our organization can relate to. This makes our job really tough. In this article from, well, me (ha!), discover the top four problems all content managers face in every industry, as well as how to overcome them — a great read for all content managers and the marketing leaders who manage them

💬 You asked, we answered 

👉 "How has the coronavirus impacted marketing budget spend, and why is SEO now a greater focus?" (2-minute read)

Businesses all over the world have been turned upside down during the past month. Marketers are feeling the pressure to make tough calls and smart decisions, because one wrong move could cost them dearly. In this unprecedented time, marketers are having to pivot their tactics to react the way the markets and their customers are reacting. But how can they reshape an entire strategy when outlooks and forecasts change daily? In this news item from IMPACT Director of Client Services Katie Pritchard, get the inside scoop about the new report which showcases how marketing budgets are shrinking and why SEO is now in much greater focus than before.

💬 You asked, we answered

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