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August 20, 2020

Website strategy cost, how a landscaping company achieved 33X ROI with paid ads, and an exciting new Google My Business update ...this is THE LATEST!

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I'm coming to the keyboard in a very strange headspace tonight. Strange, in that I am feeling wildly conflicting emotions right now, based on what is currently happening in my world and around me.

On the one hand, the past few weeks have been downright luminous. It's the kind of radiant joy from within that seems almost too good to be true, so you start to question whether or not it's witchcraft or some sort of alchemy...

But really, it's just the result of what happens when you open yourself up to what's possible, stop trying to manufacture outcomes, and start being completely honest with yourself (even when the truth hurts) about where you are, where you really want to go, and who you bring into your world. 

On the other hand... well, have you ever had those moments where you'd give absolutely anything to help someone you care about so, so much, but you can't? You're either too far away, the situation is out of your control, or there's another barrier that leaves you feeling breathless and helpless.

So you just sit. And you wait. 

Because there's nothing else to do. Well, except to buy this ridiculous sweatshirt, as I have zero self control when I'm under emotional duress:


I somehow regret nothing and everything about this purchase.

For those of you who are new to THE LATEST, I know this may seem like a downright bizarre way to start a digital sales and marketing email newsletter.

But one of the promises I made to myself (and to all of you, by extension) is that I would always practice what I preach about how important it is to show up as an honest human being in your content. (Because if your audience can't trust you β€” I mean really trust you β€” why on earth would they ever do business with you?)

You see, sometimes you need to look down at where your emotional feet are planted, and you have to acknowledge it. It's not a crime to do so, even if it feels that way sometimes. Moreover, when you try to avoid the truth by writing or talking or smiling around it, people can feel the lack of sincerity in the invisible mote you're trying to build around the thing you're not saying.

So, this is where I am tonight. And I share this because I hope my example allows you to give yourself the grace to just be honest about where you are with others, too, when the time comes. 

Now, with that bit of emotional housekeeping out of the way, you're going to find three amazing articles below.

The first is a completely honest look at how much website strategies cost; I love this article, because it's such a slippery topic a lot of people try to side-step. The second is a killer case study about how paid media and content marketing aren't an odd couple, but rather a match made in heaven... if you do it right. And finally, this issue is capped off with a short and sweet bit of Google My Business news you don't want to miss. 

"And now, here's THE LATEST..."

πŸ‘‰ "We need to turn our website into a revenue-generating machine, but how much will a strategy like that cost our company?" (8-minute read + video)

Website strategies can range anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000, which is absolutely wild, right? So, where should you fall in that range? Well, of course, "it depends." I know, worst response ever. Here's the deal, though. The most influential cost driver is how you choose to have a website strategy delivered by an agency. It can be done as the first step in a standard website redesign project, a separate half- or full-day workshop, or a standalone, multi-week project. But which is right for you? In this article from IMPACT Creative Director Erica Pierce, learn how typical website strategy packages are priced, what is included in each of the three most common types, and how to choose the right website strategy solution for your company.

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πŸ‘‰ "How did a local landscaping company see 33X ROI with their IMPACT paid ads strategy?" (4-minute read)

The Bahler Brothers came to IMPACT in 2017 already bought in on the value of inbound marketing and virtual selling, but they needed a little assistance optimizing the work they were doing and making sure the right people were interacting with their website. They’ve seen some great success with the power of content, and they wanted to take their strategy to the next level β€” and paid ads were just what the doctor ordered. In this case study from IMPACT Paid Media Specialist Dan Baum, go behind the scenes of this success story to learn how Bahler Brothers came to dominate their industry by super-charging their content marketing with an unstoppable paid media strategy.

πŸ’¬ You asked, we answered

πŸ‘‰ "Who cares if my Google My Business Listing can now be updated from Maps and Search?" (2-minute read)

Attention all business leaders, no matter your industry! If you are a small business owner or manage a Google My Business (GMB) profile, you may know that the main way to previously update your business information was through the GMB site or app. Well, we've got some big news for you! Google recently announced that users will now be able to reply to reviews, submit posts, upload photos, and update business information directly from within Google Maps and Google Search. In this article from IMPACT Operations Manager Nicole Letendre, get the inside scoop on how your GMB can be updated from Maps and Search, as well as why this is such a big deal!

πŸ’¬ You asked, we answered

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