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October 10, 2020

The ultimate website redesign checklist, Google My Business analytics updates, and 47 office (or home!) costume ideas for Halloween...this is THE LATEST!

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Hey everyone!

It’s John here, your final substitute before Liz gets back from vacation. I get to work with Liz every day, but I know you miss her, so I promise to keep this brief.

I’m here to confess something: I’m a fidgeter. Sure, I’m calm and composed on my Zoom meetings with colleagues, but that’s only what you can see on the camera. Under the desk, my knees are bouncing and my hands are fumbling with something — a pen, one of my kids’ toys, or my keys.

I just have never been very good at sitting still. 

From time to time, my wife will bring home various toys and trinkets so that I’ll have something new to play with.  

For those of you who have similar fidgety tendencies to me, here are four of my favorites, along with dizzying, maddening GIFs of them in action.

I’ve also put in Amazon links if you’d like to buy them. I’m not affiliated — I’m just a fidgety fan.

1. This one is two links of what looks like bike chain looped with key rings. It seems pretty low-tech, but it spins smoothly. Find it here.

2. These are magnetic rings made of plastic. You can flip them, spin them, and rotate them. Want 'em? Here they are.

3. Another simple one: It's a mesh tube with a marble inside. You can squeeze it up and down. I can only find this one in a five-pack, so hand them out to your office buddies. 

4. This last one is my favorite. Two smooth, rubbery discs that you can pop up and down. This is my go-to, and  it can be yours too, if you pick it up here.

If these GIFs scratch a certain itch for you, you're probably like me. Pick up one of these to keep your hands occupied.

If not, I apologize, and you can feel free to badmouth me to Liz when she returns.

Now that you’ve got your fidgets out, here’s THE LATEST!

🔍 "How can I know our website redesign will go well?" (15-minute read)

A website redesign is an exciting and scary process for any business. After all, your website is what gives a crucial first impression to your potential customers. How can you know you're checking every box to make sure you're getting the most out of this sizable investment? You can start here. IMPACT UX Designer Joe Rinaldi compiled this in-depth, step-by-step checklist for any company entering the website redesign process

🤔 You asked, we answered 

💻 "Can I find out who's seeing my Google My Business profile?" (2-minute read)

In the days of COVID, your GMB profile is more important than ever. Customers want to see updated hours and other information that shows you're actively catering to their needs and safety. Sometimes, these users won't even click through to your website, getting the info they need right from GMB. Now, Google is rolling out new analytics to help you see who's checking out your Google My Business profile. IMPACT's VP of Marketing Vin Gaeta explains what's new (and what's to come) for business owners who rely on their GMB profile.

🤔 You asked, we answered

🎃 "What am I going to dress up as for the strangest Halloween ever?" (6-minute read)

2020 has already been filled with plenty of fright, but I think we're all ready for some less dire spookiness (and plenty of candy). If you don't know what to dress up as for your in-person or virtual Halloween party, we've got you covered — just remember to stay safe out there. Head of Editorial Content Ramona Sukhraj has updated our perennial favorite list of office costumes.

🤔 You asked, we answered

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