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March 23, 2019

Content on Product Pages, Tips from Successful Podcasters, & HubSpot's App Update...This Is THE LATEST!

I'm a big believer in "everything in moderation." Kind of like the 80-20 rule in inbound -- but for life.

Never sell too hard, work too much, eat too much, sit and binge Netflix for too long.


Nothing good can come from going extreme (or too coy for that matter) with any initiative. It's all about healthy balance.

And apparently Google agrees.

🛒  Google Finally Weighs In On How Much Content is Too Much for an eCommerce Page. 

Content is king, but a picture is also worth a thousand words. If these age-old adages have made your ears ring and your head spin, you're certainly not the only one -- especially not in eCommerce. Luckily, this week, Google's John Mueller shared some valuable insights to help marketers understand how much content really needs to be on their product pages and how important this is to their rank in the search engine.

🎧  You'll Want to Keep These 24 Tips Handy When Strategizing Your Next Podcast.

Podcasting has been around for quite some time now, but it's just starting to really find its groove. In this article, IMPACT's VP of Marketing (and host of The Inbound Success Podcast), Kathleen, shares 24 dos & don’ts for businesses, leaders, & marketers who want to start a podcast in 2019. 

📲  The HubSpot Mobile App Got a Little Facelift. Here Are Our First Impressions. 

HubSpot's mobile app has been a fairly big pain point for many users over the years (including many at IMPACT). Luckily, in 2019, we've seen several updates including one this past week that introduced a fresh look and new navigation. IMPACT Account Executive Joe Bachir takes a look at what's new in HubSpot's iOS and Android apps as well as what's still left to be desired. 

👀 ... When You're All Ears (& Eyes) 

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Only one week left of Early Bird Pricing for IMPACT Live: That’s right — prices jump up April 1, so if you like to hang out with the greatest minds of inbound, learn how to become the most trusted voice in your space, and save some serious dollars, now’s the time to register.

Want to save even more? Use the code LATEST50 to knock another $50 from your ticket price. You can grab your tickets here. (And with a week left, there’s still time to convince your boss to send you and your favorite coworker!) 

🎉  Weekend Nonsense

I have a terrible sweet tooth. In fact, it's the thing our CEO, Bob, loves to tease me most about. That being said, DONUT get me started on how much I love this Weekend Nonsense.

This week, Dunkin' and athletic footwear brand Saucony announced they have collaborated on a limited-edition shoe to celebrate the Boston Marathon on April 15. According to Marketing Dive, "the new shoe features Dunkin’s colors and logo, with strawberry-frosted doughnut medallions, Dunkin' coffee cups and 'Boston' on its reflective strip."

Not only is it nice to see two Boston-based companies join forces for a fun, memorable project like this, but it quite literally shows that Boston runs on Dunkin'. How punderful. 

dunkin-sauconySource: Marketing Dive

Peace out, cub scout!