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June 13, 2019

Accessible SEO Conferences, Working with Social Media Interns, & Helping Your Community Share the Love...This Is THE LATEST! 

Hi friends! πŸ‘‹ Me, again. I'm Stephanie, the Director of Audience Engagement and Community at IMPACT, and I'm taking over today's edition of THE LATEST while Liz is off in her happy place: the intersection of beer and marketing.

It wouldn't be my style to do this without a video and as you can see from the thumbnail, I had fun with this one:

As I mentioned in my video, my happy place is my community. Which community that is depends on the day as I'm part of many great communities. I shared in my guide to online community management how being part of the LGBTQ+ community has provided me with guidance and support. Since June is Pride Month, this community is extra special to me at the moment. 

Of course, I also run our Facebook community, IMPACT Elite!

Everyone needs a community. Humans have a desire to be part of something. To belong. From tech user groups and networking events to online learning communities, there's something for every professional. What do you love about your community? Reply and let me know. πŸ˜€

And to you, my community of smart inbound professionals looking for relevant and actionable marketing insights, I've got you covered:

πŸ”Ž  Google Introduces Local "Webmaster Conferences" to Make SEO Success More Accessible

Google is making expert advice about SEO much more accessible. The new, 100% free Google Webmaster Conferences aim to take the exclusivity out of SEO conferences. These smaller, international events will be hosted in regions where people typically can't travel to larger SEO conferences and talks will be presented in the local language. Say hello to your new, local SEO community! This initiative is a step in the right direction to level the playing field and make actionable SEO insights more accessible to everyone.  

✍️  The Good, Bad, & Ugly Approaches to Working With a Social Media Intern

Like many marketing professionals my age, my first job was as a social media intern. Because, well, I'm a millennial. Since then, social media has evolved from a trendy new tool to a central part of a good brand and customer care strategy. In 2019, should something so vital really be left to an intern? Take this Twitter response from AXE:

AXE tweet

Boom! For smaller brands though, an intern can actually be great for your social strategy as long as you set them up for success. Fortunately, IMPACT Account Executive Jessica Palmeri is here for us with tips for how to best work with a social media intern -- and what to avoid.

❀️  How to Help Your Community Members Show Their Love

Fun fact: my laptop case is absolutely plastered with vinyl stickers from tools and tech I love. 

Stephanie's laptopMy laptop today ^

It's one of the many ways that the brands I love have empowered me to share my loyalty. I'm not the only one, either. People who love your brand want you to succeed -- which makes them one of your most powerful marketing assets. Here are my five favorite ways to help your community show their love along with examples from brands doing this well.

πŸ‘€ ... When You're All Ears (& Eyes) 

🚨 Save Your Seat

  • New Haven HUG gets in on the Website Throwdown fun (IN PERSON!) on June 25: The New Haven HUG will be hosting totally live website throwdowns! Our panel of experts will be critiquing websites from our audience and offering valuable tips and tricks to improve your site right away. Make sure to register -- and, if you dare, throw your site into the ring!
  • BIG speaker news for IMPACT Live! πŸ“£ August is just around the corner, which means so is IMPACT Live 2019. Ryan Deiss, Founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer, is joining an already packed lineup of sales and marketing superstars who will grace our stage. Check out this video from Ryan to hear what he'll be talking about. Don't wait -- get your ticket now! Save 15% using code SPEAKERRYAN

⏰ Throwback Thursday

This isn't a very far throwback but a few weeks ago we released our new digital sales and marketing scorecard. You can now score your company in the six core areas of your business that will have the most impact on your digital sales and marketing success. Yesterday, Founder and CEO of IMPACT, Bob Ruffolo, shared why we created the digital sales and marketing scorecard and how exactly it came to be the tool it is today. 

Have you scored your company yet? Share your results in our community of 5,000+ inbound professionals. It's called IMPACT Elite and it's where I hang out. Come join us!

See you in Elite!