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June 4, 2019

Truths of Work-Life Balance, Going Digital With Direct Mail, & Finding a Great Content Interviewer...This Is THE LATEST!

It's complicated.

This phrase is more than just a frustrating relationship label forced upon us by Facebook and a far more delightful romantic comedy starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin -- it seems to be the motto of modern society.

As sophisticated human beings today, it feels like we tend to overcomplicate things that should be rather simple. For instance, the question "what should I have for dinner tonight?"

(Excuse me while I panic-search Pinterest for a hot minute.)

These decisions and situations are just everyday parts of life that are actually quite simple, yet we stress ourselves out trying to solve them. 

If we took a minute to slow down and take a deep breath, in most instances, we'd realize the answers lie in getting back to basics -- like the skills highlighted in today's latest insights:

🧘🏾 If You Want Work-Life Balance You Need to Come To Terms With 4 Things First [TED Talk Video]

In our last issue the big topic was burn-out and, like burn-out itself, it isn't just going away, my friend! In this timely TED Talk shared by our VP of Talent, Natalie Davis, you'll learn four stern, but important realizations any professional must have if they want to actually achieve work-life balance. Some may seem obvious, but they're worth repeating.

✉️  Here's How One Expert Earned 3300% ROI By Combining Direct Mail With Digital Tactics [Podcast]

Yes, I'm a digital marketer, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the analog world. For example, handwritten cards are my jam. Yes, I do draft them in my phone's notepad before writing them out, but that's besides the point. Old school mediums like handwritten cards and direct mail can still play an important role in today's digital world. In fact, in the latest episode of The Inbound Success Podcast, host Kathleen Booth sits down with marketing expert Adam Sand to learn how he has used Facebook ads, video marketing, and direct mail to generate 3300% ROI.

🕵🏽 How Can You Ensure Your Content Marketing Manager Is a Great Interviewer?

So, you know your content marketing manager needs to have a way with words, but that's not the only critical skill you should be looking for. Your content marketing manager also needs to be a skilled interviewer like all great journalists of the past. Now, you don't need to find the next Oprah (though that would be AMAZING), but they need to be able to draw important information out of your organization's subject matter experts to create quality content. Our favorite director of web & interactive content, Liz Murphy, explains how you can evaluate these interviewing skills during your hiring process. 

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🗞️ What I'm Reading

I know you've been loving Liz's weekly inspiration so I thought I'd start sharing a bit of my own. Here's a taste of the eclectic things that have my creative juices flowing right now: 

That wasn't so complicated now, was it?

Talk soon!