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Mark Young

Love Social Media, United Kingdom, They Ask, You Answer Certified since August 2022

Location: United Kingdom

Mark's Bio

With a background in running companies in the Tech, Training, & Media industries I’ve learned a lot over the last 20 years and now I help businesses adapt to modern selling. Outside of work I enjoy reading books around influence and persuasion or you’ll find me inside the world of Virtual Reality. Challenge me to a game of VR Table Tennis if you dare!


Helping founders,, coaches and consultants increase their know, like and trust factors so that they can grow their businesses and position themselves as “Experts” in their industry. I humanise your brand.


🔹 Coaches & Consultants
🔹 Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Who want

👉🏻 Position themselves as an authority in their industry
👉🏻 Create content and get exposed to larger audiences through social channels
👉🏻 Gain new clients and more revenue
👉🏻 Develop deeper relationships with clients
👉🏻Want to stand out from their competitors
👉🏻 But don’t have time or inclination to work on developing content and getting the message out there


Our “SOCIAL AUTHORITY BUILDER” service is designed to power up your content, social media, and personal brand which in turn will increase your Know, Like, and Trust factor.

🎯 We research what content your target audience wants to know about
🎯 We interview you once a month and ask you these questions based upon our research
🎯 We repurpose the video into many pieces of content that can be used on all social media channels
🎯 We distribute the content for you onto all your social media channels


Video is the best way to bond with your audience. They will feel like they know you. They hear your voice, see your body language and hear your tonality. They will like you and will be more inclined to engage with your content or accept a meeting. If you can look into the eyes of your audience then you can build trust and a relationship. You cant build a relationship with words and pretty pictures
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