How Do You Compare to Companies That Are Seeing Remarkable Results with Inbound?

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“What’s This Digital Sales & Marketing Scorecard All About?”

Remember, in order to get an accurate Digital Sales and Marketing Scorecard for your company, you need to be as honest as possible with your answers. You’re welcome to complete this scorecard on your own, but you may also want to complete it together with your team, so as to gain a more holistic understanding of your current situation.
Yes, this activity requires an investment of your time. But if you fully commit to completing this assessment as thoroughly and accurately as possible, you will be rewarded with a detailed overview of where you are right now with inbound, as well as where you need to go.

How Your Scorecard Will Be Calculated

To give you an accurate Digital Sales and Marketing Scorecard for your company, we will assess the six core areas of your business that will have the most impact on the success of your digital sales and marketing programs.

How We Created the Digital Sales & Marketing Scorecard

Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies around the world and across all industries to help them achieve their most aggressive digital sales and marketing goals. The data we collected in that time showed us the common characteristics the organizations that see the most success with inbound all share, as well as which universal inbound strategies and activities yield the greatest bottom-line results.

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What to Expect from Your Scorecard

Your Digital Sales and Marketing Scorecard will give you an accurate assessment of the health of your company’s digital sales and marketing programs. You will also get a detailed, personalized roadmap of what steps you need to take next, based on your responses.

A numerical score reflective of your current digital sales and marketing performance.
A detailed explanation of where you need to focus your efforts first with inbound.
An overview of the steps you need to take to achieve immediate and long-term success.
Access to the Inbound Success Playbooks you need to follow, based on your situation.

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