Question 1
We’re clearly and transparently explaining on our website how much it costs to work with us.
Question 2
We have someone on staff whose only job is to create content for our sales and marketing. This person’s job title is content manager (or something similar).
Question 3
Our marketing/content strategy focuses more on bottom-of-the-funnel content (content used to help sales close deals) vs top-of-the-funnel content (used primarily to drive search traffic).
Question 4
Members of both our sales and marketing teams from various levels meet regularly (at least twice a month) to stay aligned on a single sales and marketing strategy and discuss ways they can better support each other.
Question 5
We’ve integrated content and videos into our sales process specifically to reduce the time sales reps need to spend working with prospects.
Question 6
Our sales team uses the company’s CRM the way they’re supposed to.
Question 7
We have a videographer on staff who’s publishing videos on a weekly basis to be used for sales and marketing.
Question 8
Our sales reps are just as effective, or more effective, selling over Zoom (or a similar platform) post-COVID vs. pre-COVID selling methods.
Question 9
Our website hosts a wealth of information that helps our customers make better buying decisions.
Question 10
Senior leadership is fully invested and excited about our company’s inbound marketing plan.
Question 11
We’ve invested in ongoing training and education (either online or hands-on) for our marketing and sales team that ensures we’re using content and marketing technology effectively.
Question 12
We’ve invested in coaching for our senior leadership to ensure the company stays aligned and avoids common blindspots.