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Improve the competencies and close rates of your sales organization.

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Unlock the power of AI in all aspects of your revenue operations.

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They Ask, You Answer Workshop

Align your team with a They Ask, You Answer workshop
Get your entire sales, marketing, and leadership team excited about implementing They Ask, You Answer. Talk with an IMPACT coach to schedule your workshop.  
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Gain complete alignment for your core digital strategy.
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Align on what content you should be creating.
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Eliminate silos from your sales and marketing team.

You see the value of They Ask, You Answer, but nobody else in your organization gets it

If you want your company to achieve more, you've come to the right place:
  • A marketing team that works closely with your sales team.

  • A shorter sales cycle with improved close rates and better margins.

  • A leadership team that sees digital marketing and inbound as a priority.

  • A website that attracts and educates visitors and guides them to purchase.

  • A sales team that is bought in to your marketing strategy.

  • A video-first approach to your sales and marketing objectives.

  • A content strategy that helps prospects make a buying decision.

  • A clear way to accurately measure the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Create a shared vision, get aligned, and build excitement across all of your teams.

How IMPACT helps companies get aligned

IMPACT coaches help you understand how today's buyers have changed, how they best learn, and what this all means for your sales and marketing strategy. You'll learn how to create complete alignment around your core digital strategy.

Your workshop will be facilitated by an IMPACT certified coach

Trained personally by Marcus Sheridan
Chris Duprey
Chris Duprey

Chief Customer Officer

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Zach Basner
Zach Basner

Head Coach

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Allison Riggs
Allison Riggs

Head Coach

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"This workshop is what REALLY 
connected the dots for us."

"Our full sales, marketing, and leadership team just took the 'They Ask, You Answer' workshop and loved it. We’ve been working hard to align our marketing and sales strategy, but this workshop is what REALLY connected the dots for us. Thanks, IMPACT!"

Anthony Paille, VP of Marketing

working as one team

Work as one team

Marketing is spinning its wheels creating content that will drive revenue, but the sales team sees that content as fluffy and unhelpful — and leadership is stuck in the middle. 

Something is missing that ties your marketing, sales, and leadership teams together so you can achieve your shared revenue goals.

It's time for a change. 

When you have a unifying strategy and shared principles, you're ready to work as one team. 

working as one team
focused on one goal

Focused on one goal

They Ask, You Answer is a business framework that leads to satisfied customers, productive employees, and increased revenue. 

At IMPACT, we train our clients to reimagine the way they work together, focusing on educating customers and building trust. Clients can start seeing results within weeks.

Our framework has changed the fortunes of thousands of businesses around the world. Yours could be next. 

focused on one goal

How to get started with a
They Ask, You Answer workshop

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Real success in the real world

Businesses just like yours have partnered with IMPACT to achieve dramatic growth with They Ask, You Answer.
Inbound Marketing Video Success Studies

FBi Buildings

Local barn building company doubles leads with They Ask, You Answer

Family-run FBi Buildings has been around since the 1950s, but the shift to digital marketing proved challenging. At one point, they found themselves working with five different agencies — for website design, marketing strategy, content creation, and more. Still, the results were underwhelming. IMPACT was able to diagnose the root problem: A lack of content strategy. In two years of our They Ask, You Answer framework, FBi has brought in more than 4,000 leads from organic traffic alone and generated more than $5 million in revenue.

 Read More

Family-run FBi Buildings has been around since the 1950s, but the shift to digital marketin... Read More

In the past 2 years, we’ve had a 145% increase in traffic. We used to get about 180 leads per week. Now we’re up to 350. From a revenue standpoint, we’ve seen a $5 million turnaround in profit.

Kurt Bahler

CEO, FBi Buildings

Inbound Marketing Video Success Studies


Home insulation company doubles business by following They Ask, You Answer

Retrofoam of Michigan provides efficient spray foam insulation for homeowners. Despite their great product and reputation, however, growth was slow. After hearing about They Ask, You Answer from Marcus Sheridan, they hired IMPACT and saw almost immediate results. By focusing on educating their buyers, Retrofoam was able to build awareness about their services and resonate with customers, increasing website traffic by an astounding 10,109%.

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Retrofoam of Michigan provides efficient spray foam insulation for homeowners. Despite thei... Read More

"Our organic site traffic used to be around 7,000 sessions per year. After working with IMPACT, it jumped to over 50,000 in the first year and over 300,000 in the second year."

Ryan Litwiller

Marketing Director, Retrofoam

Inbound Marketing Video Success Studies

Office Interiors

Office solutions firm explodes website traffic and captures better leads than ever

North of the border, Halifax-based Office Interiors had expanded into neighboring provinces and branched out to offer office furniture and technology solutions. Company leaders read They Ask, You Answer and tried to self-implement the framework, but it brought in only meager results. They found that only 4% of website visitors were coming in from their blog. Then, they started working with IMPACT and growth jumped off the charts. Now, 54% of site visitors arrive through the blog, and leads are more qualified than ever.

 Read More

North of the border, Halifax-based Office Interiors had expanded into neighboring provinces... Read More

Since starting with IMPACT, we’re up to 14,000 visitors and 150 marketing qualified leads annually, and we generated over $1 million in revenue in 2019.

Cody Turner

Digital Content Specialist, Office Interiors

IMPACT is award-winning, certified,
 and invested in your success


Diamond HubSpot Partner

Why does this matter?

As a two-time HubSpot Partner of the Year, IMPACT is among the most qualified companies in the world to help you drive sales from your inbound marketing.


StoryBrand Certified

Why does this matter?

As a StoryBrand Certified Agency, IMPACT will guide you to clarify your organization's online messaging so that more customers want to buy from you.

How much does a They Ask, You Answer workshop cost?

Our They Ask, You Answer workshop creates the foundation for the most successful sales and marketing programs. The workshop costs $15,000, with a flat travel fee add-on.

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