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Content Marketing Training + AI

Content Marketing Training

Content Marketing Training + AI

Ready to get serious about content marketing? See how training from IMPACT and the proven They Ask, You Answer framework, all enhanced with the power of generative AI, will equip your team with the skills to position your brand as the leading voice of trust in your industry.

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Watch to learn everything you need to know about Content Marketing Training.
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“The value of the coaching that we got was next-level. We've seen the cost of our marketing and cost per lead improve. It's dramatically changed our selling cycle, and it's greatly increased trust with our customers.”
Ryan Shutt
CEO, Southwest Exteriors
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“IMPACT has educated us and helped us get to a place where we could move forward and we could push past what we were facing previously.”
Isabelle Braeutigam
Marketing Manager, Custom Built Design & Remodeling
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“We can attribute a lot of growth to jumping on this program. We're truly the innovators and pioneers in our marketplace.”
Richard Jones
CEO, MoveMobility
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Unlock the Full Potential of Content Marketing with IMPACT & They Ask, You Answer

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Watch the Overview
Is your business struggling to implement a content strategy that turns your efforts into revenue? If so, content training with IMPACT may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Our coaches and trainers will help you implement a powerful, in-house content marketing program — rooted in the principles of the proven content marketing framework, They Ask, You Answer, and turbocharged with generative AI — that brings the right types of prospects into your pipeline and turns those prospects into customers faster, increasing your revenue and positioning your brand as the leading voice in your industry.

After completing our program, your staff will have all the skills and capabilities to run a world-class content marketing program in-house, freeing you from ever being dependent on an outside agency for content marketing support ever again.

If you’re struggling with any of the following, content marketing training with IMPACT may be right for you:

  • You’ve invested in content marketing, but your efforts to this point have yielded no true return.
  • You’re tired of being dependent on an outside company for content, much of which is being produced is lackluster, anyway.
  • Your sales team is craving more articles, tools, and information they can use to close more deals faster.
  • You’re shocked by how few leads your website is generating.
  • You know you should be using AI in your marketing, but you either don’t know where to start, or you fear making costly mistakes.
What You Will Learn

How to Build a Top-Notch Content Marketing Function In-House, End-to-End

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Watch What You Will Learn

Content marketing training with IMPACT is a comprehensive program designed to help your business master all aspects of content marketing. An IMPACT coach and team of trainers will help you build your team, develop a process to consistently create content in-house, incorporate content into your sale process, refine your messaging, optimize for search engines and conversions, and overall, leave you with the skills you need to run a successful content strategy without outside help.

You and your team will learn:

Fundamentals of an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

The They Ask, You Answer Framework

We'll align your entire team around a simple, yet powerful content marketing framework called They Ask, You Answer. Trusted and implemented by top brands globally, They Ask, You Answer emphasizes transparent and efficient responses to customer questions, a strategy that builds trust and solidifies your brand's authority within your industry.

How To Staff a Great Content Manager

Success with content marketing requires having the right person leading your content marketing efforts. If you don’t already have a content manager on staff, we’ll guide you through the entire process of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding the right candidate for you.

How To Align Sales and Marketing

We believe content marketing’s main function is to enable the sales team to close more deals faster, but this only happens if marketing and sales are on the same page. We’ll show you how to get both your marketing and sales teams working as one unified unit.

Creating Your Content Roadmap

We’ll provide your team with a tool called a content matrix and teach you how to run recurring content brainstorms, fueling your content calendar with months of revenue-enabling content ideas.

Processes for Content Marketing Consistency

We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to both implement processes that guarantee consistency in your content marketing and hold your team accountable for following those processes.

Technical Content Marketing Skills

Storytelling / Tone of Voice

Your team will learn how to weave a story that is clear, concise, educational, and unbiased around the work that you do. Our training will focus on this through a lens of They Ask, You Answer, with the help of The StoryBrand Framework.

How to Craft “The Big 5”

One of the core elements of They Ask, You Answer, your team will learn how to create the five types of content that customers research most before making a purchase, setting you apart from competitors and attracting more business.

Content Publishing

We’ll teach your team the best practices for publishing content in a way that maximizes visibility, engagement, and SEO value.

Content Promotion

We’ll help you master strategies to promote and repurpose your content across various channels, such as social and email, to increase its reach and impact.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Understand how to optimize your content for search engines, ensuring it gets found by the right people at the right time.

Conversion Optimization

Learn to create and optimize content that drives action, turning readers into leads, and leads into customers.

Generative AI

We’ll teach you how to leverage generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT and other content marketing-specific tools, to speed up and enhance your content creation process. We’ll also show you the right way to do this to avoid costly penalties.

Social Media Publishing

Learn how to effectively share and promote content on various social media platforms to reach a wider audience and generate engagement.

Video Marketing

When ready, we’ll add video to your content marketing mix, teaching your team how to generate compelling, revenue-producing videos that enhance your written copy, provide more ammo for your sales team, and most importantly, increase the trust and perception of your company by the market.

Analytics and Measuring Results

We teach your team how to track and monitor key content marketing metrics and analytics on tools like HubSpot, SEMrush, Google Search Console, and GA4, and we’ll also ensure you learn how to use them to inform future strategic decisions.

How to Integrate Content Marketing to Improve Sales

Content Brainstorms with Support for Sales

No one knows your customers' questions and challenges more than your sales team, and these insights are the secret sauce of any effective content marketing strategy. We’ll teach you how to run effective content brainstorms that provide both the sales and marketing teams what they need to succeed.

Assignment Selling

A core concept of They Ask, You Answer, Assignment Selling is a powerful technique that helps sales teams use content to close more deals faster. But it also requires salespeople to use particular techniques proven to be most effective to see the greatest results. We’ll teach these techniques and role play with your sales team.

Positioning the Sales Team as In-Demand, Trusted Experts

The best salespeople are the ones prospects feel like they already know and trust based on what they learned from them online. We will show you how to turn your salespeople into sought-after guides in the eyes of your buyers.

Process and What to Expect

5 Steps to Content Marketing Mastery

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Watch the Process and What to Expect

What Does the Process Look Like?

Book a Call with an IMPACT Coach (It’s Free)

Start your journey towards content marketing mastery by booking a call with an IMPACT coach. Right from the start, your IMPACT coach will work with you to understand your current marketing state and challenges, solidify your goals, and figure out whether or not our program is a good fit for you. On your initial call, you can expect actionable advice that you can start implementing right away, whether we work together or not.

Create an Implementation Plan Customized for You

If we determine that we're a good fit for each other, your IMPACT coach will begin crafting a training program tailored to your needs. We understand that every company has a unique starting point with content marketing capabilities, buy-in, and experience, as well as distinct needs and goals. That's why our approach is a blend of proven training methods and processes, honed through our work with hundreds of companies like yours. Yet, we also provide the customization necessary to meet your company exactly where it stands. With IMPACT, you get the right training program for you.

Get Everyone Fully Aligned & Bought-In

When starting any new engagement, the first and most critical step is getting everyone in your organization aligned and bought-in to the vision and strategy for content marketing. This specifically includes the sales organization and senior leadership, who stand to generate the biggest gains from this program — but only if they understand their role in the process. We accomplish this with a powerful content strategy workshop, facilitated by your IMPACT coach, teaching everyone on your team the principles of the frameworks and showcasing examples, leaving everyone excited, energized, and ready to get to work. This workshop can be done virtually or in-person.

Begin Ongoing Coaching & Training

Once the team is aligned, it’s time to get to work.

  • Content creation begins. Immediately, your team will start creating content that can be used by the sales team to close deals while simultaneously starting to improve your website’s SEO.
  • Work review. In the initial stages, IMPACT trainers will closely monitor and review all content produced by your team up until the point all work review can be completed without help.
  • Content training. In accordance with the program created with your coach, your team will go through several virtual content training sessions per month in order to build all the content marketing skills required.
  • Training for the sales team. Beyond just training for your marketing team, your sales team will go through what we call “Assignment Selling” training where they will learn to master the art of effectively using content in the sales process to save time and close more deals faster.
  • Quarterly planning sessions. Every quarter, your IMPACT coach will facilitate a quarterly planning session to review your progress, set priorities, and get everyone aligned for the next 90-day thrust.
  • Executive-level coaching sessions. All of our programs include coaching with senior leadership at least once per month. Here we discuss our progress, prioritize goals, strategize on overcoming challenges, and align on the vision for future sales and marketing initiatives. These sessions also provide an opportunity to review performance metrics, ensuring our efforts are driving the desired results and contributing to the overall growth of your organization.
  • Group training and masterminds. As your team's content marketing program evolves, we’ll extend an invitation to participate in group training sessions and mastermind meetings. These gatherings bring together other clients and members of the IMPACT community, all of whom are leveraging 'They Ask, You Answer' and video to grow their businesses. This collaborative environment fosters a sense of community, promotes shared learning, and serves as a source of inspiration, enhancing your team's experience.
  • IMPACT+. Everyone in your organization will receive access to IMPACT+ which is loaded with all the courses and tools you need as part of this program, as well as members of the IMPACT community who are always ready to lend a helping hand.
Master Content Marketing In-House

The last and final step of the process is when you achieve content marketing mastery inside your organization, meaning you’re publishing content and video consistently (at least three new pieces of content a week), your sale steam is fully integrated and aligned with the process of using content to close deals faster, and you’re seeing significant gains in revenue from your content marketing efforts. It takes a typical company 18-24 months to achieve content marketing mastery. At this stage, clients no longer need such an intense content marketing training program, and either reduce the intensity of their coaching and training program, or start shifting their focus to improving other areas of their sales and marketing with IMPACT’s guidance.

Who Will I Be Working With?

In your journey with us, you'll be aligning with a coach who fully grasps the challenges you confront daily. Just like you and your team, they too are responsible for creating content, closing deals, and managing their own book of business; they don't merely instruct, but also 'walk the walk.'

Most importantly, all IMPACT coaches are proficiently trained in the art of coaching business professionals. They know exactly how to press the right levers to help you and your team unlock and unleash your utmost potential.


How Much Do IMPACT’s Coaching and Training Services Cost?

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How Much Do IMPACT’s Coaching and Training Services Cost?
Small Business

(< $2.5m in revenue)

Mid-Sized Business

($2.5m to $50m in revenue)

Large Business

(> $50m in revenue)

Coaching & Training For Mid-Sized Businesses ($2.5m to $50m in revenue)

Free Initial Coaching Sessions: At IMPACT, we believe in starting strong, which is why we offer a few free coaching sessions. This allows you to become comfortable with your coach, and it gives us a chance to understand your business's unique needs. We'll delve into your sales and marketing challenges and map out your current standing and future goals, providing valuable, actionable advice you can implement right away.

Tailored Coaching & Training Programs: After gaining a clear understanding of your business, we'll work on creating a coaching and training program custom-designed for your needs. The typical cost range for most small businesses is between $10,000 and $15,000 per month (with a one-month setup fee), though it can sometimes be less and sometimes it could be more. 

At IMPACT, we’re committed to offering world-class sales and marketing coaching to businesses of all sizes. We know that mid-sized businesses often operate differently than smaller or larger businesses, and our coaching and training programs are designed to accommodate this. Even though our approach with mid-sized businesses might differ from that of smaller or larger ones, we believe in the potential of all businesses to achieve greatness with the right guidance and support.

Price Determining Factors: You might ask, "Why the range?" Well, two primary factors influence the final pricing:

  1. The scale of your goals. More ambitious goals require a more intensive coaching program.
  2. The number of training programs your team engages in simultaneously. Often, tackling several programs at once is key to mastering sales, marketing, and They Ask, You Answer within 18-24 months.

Additional Considerations: To achieve optimum sales and marketing results with the "They Ask, You Answer" framework, you need to have the right personnel, software, and/or equipment. These are crucial factors to consider when setting your budget.

IMPACT+ Included in Your Program: Every program includes an IMPACT+ for Business subscription in the initial setup fee. This provides access to our online community, a variety of enriching courses, progress scorecards, and passes to in-person events such as the "They Ask, You Answer" Summit and IMPACT Live.

In the initial sessions, we'll discuss your budget and work together to create a program that both fits your financial capabilities and drives you toward your goals. Let's get started on this journey towards success!

“I love the fact that we invested in this.”

“Initially, we saw an increase of about 3 points in our close rate, and an increase of about $3,000 in our average sale size.”

Ryan Shutt, CEO, Southwest Exteriors
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“We've seen growth of 35-45%.”

“That's where we attribute some of the ROI back to the program that we've been through and the implementation of it. I can truly say we've increased our revenue by probably 10-15% just by taking up this program.”

Richard Jones, CEO, MoveMobility
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“We've invested in IMPACT, and it's made a big difference in our organization.”

“We have seen our traffic almost triple at this point. It's a sales initiative with marketing behind it. It's a business philosophy, and it really does touch all sides of your business.”

Isabelle Braeutigam, Marketing Manager, Custom Built Design & Remodeling
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How To Get Started

Take the First Step to Content Marketing Mastery

Ready to get started? Go ahead and book your call with an IMPACT coach to see if content marketing training at IMPACT is right for you.

Basic Info
Reserve Meeting

Fill out this form to take ownership of your business growth and start seeing results.

Results & Success Stories

Improvement Firm Bucks The Trend and Commits to Buyer Education

Southwest Exteriors is a home services company focused on windows and siding.

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Southwest Exteriors exists in a highly competitive market, going up against national brands and cost-cutting local outfits. But despite the competition in the home improvement industry, no one seemed to be putting buyers first. The hard-sell approach created a trust deficit that kept buyers on edge.


The folks at Southwest partnered with IMPACT to go against the grain. They embraced They Ask, You Answer, committing to answering buyer questions and repairing the trust the industry had broken. IMPACT offered the guidance to help Southwest become the most trusted voice in their industry.


With IMPACT and They Ask, You Answer, Southwest had a proven framework that they knew would bring results, even in a crowded field. At first, it was a modest improvement in close rates. Then it was a steady increase in website traffic (from 3,500 organic visitors per month to over 35,000). But biggest of all was the increased trust in the marketplace. Customers reached out after consuming Southwest’s content, with the foundation of a trusting relationship already established.

Accessibility Experts Increase Revenue by 10% With IMPACT’s Guidance

MoveMobility sells wheelchair vans and accessibility equipment.

Video Play


MoveMobility had a marketing problem that many companies are familiar with: They knew where they wanted to go, but they didn’t know how to get there. In the words of CEO Richard Jones, their marketing department was like a ship with no steering mechanism. They were looking for direction so they’d know how to apply their efforts.


At the first meeting with their IMPACT coach, the MoveMobility team could see that this would be different. Their coach offered direction and structure, with a clear framework and measurable steps to help the company move forward. This, at last, was the course-setting the team had been looking for.


Like a lot of companies, MoveMobility had long seen marketing as an expense. Something that was nice to have, but hard to prove ROI from. No more. Now, they’ve got a marketing team that’s aligned with the rest of the company — and vital to their future success. They’re producing content that actually impacts sales. And with IMPACT’s training, the team is building the skills for long-term success.

Custom Builders Learn How to Really Put Their Customers First

Custom Built Design & Remodeling is a Michigan-based custom home remodeling contractor.

Video Play


Custom Built Design and Remodeling didn’t know exactly how to put its ideals into practice. In the hectic day-to-day of running a home improvement business, there wasn’t much time to focus on the big questions: How do we make our processes more client-centered? They knew they wanted to, they just didn’t know how.


A customer heading into a big remodel project has a ton of questions. The more answers they get ahead of time, the smoother the sales process will be. Our They Ask, You Answer framework focused on customer education. With the right training, the team at Custom Built could help their customers feel more well-informed.


Today, wherever a customer is in the buying process, they have answers to any question they can think of. There are videos, buyer’s guides, product comparisons, and articles. And by producing this content, Custom Built’s sales reps and marketers have come together. The company is all pulling in the same direction, and the customers are getting exactly what they’re asking for.

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Courses & Additional Insights

Get a Feel for Our Content and Our People with These Free Resources

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