How much does it cost to work with IMPACT?

We know that price is one of the most important factors you have in mind when you make a major business decision.

Each year, hundreds of businesses come to us looking for sales and marketing help. They all ask us for quotes or estimates — and many folks will ask questions about price in the first few minutes of our conversations.

We get it. Everyone wants to know about cost. You need to be sure you’re making the right decision for your business.

It's hard to provide one-size-fits-all information about cost because there are so many variables that can influence it.

Below, you’ll find realistic price ranges and estimates, based on real-world scenarios and current clients.

What does the typical client spend with IMPACT?

Depending on company size, needs, and desired speed of transformation, typical IMPACT clients spend between $100,000 and $250,000 per year. We understand that's a big range. We'll cover the particulars below.

First off, it's important to note that when clients work with us, they do so for a predetermined amount of time. Unlike most agencies, the work we do is finite — and we begin each engagement with a "graduation" date in mind. Most businesses elect to work with us for 18 months.

Clients spend an average of $10,000 per month with IMPACT, working with a team of coaches and trainers to learn how to succeed with inbound marketing. Some clients choose more intensive programs that move more quickly and cost more.

Often, clients also elect to work with us on additional projects like website and blog redesigns, interactive web tools, and ongoing website performance optimization, which come with additional costs.

IMPACT’s Flagship Service: They Ask, You Answer Mastery

Most clients hire IMPACT to help them implement They Ask, You Answer, our sales and marketing framework.

IMPACT provides strategic direction for their leadership teams, as well as tactical training for their front-line employees.

We train them in inbound and content marketing, video strategy and production, virtual sales techniques, and technology adoption.

We help our clients unite their sales and marketing efforts, bring in more traffic, capture better-fit leads, and help improve their sales rates — all so they can bring in more revenue.

Clients work closely with their coaches and trainers, planning in 90-day cycles.

The program begins with the graduation date in mind, following one of three timelines. All programs achieve the same results, and are generally the same total price, just at different speeds. The faster the program, the more competencies you work on at one time — and the faster you graduate and complete your work with IMPACT.

They Ask, You Answer Mastery pricing starts at $8,500 / month.

We also offer customized engagements for enterprise companies that focus heavily on training large sales teams.

All companies participating in the Mastery program pay a one-time $10,000 set-up fee at the start of the agreement.

In this video, Marcus Sheridan explains the benefits and costs of our most popular service.

Learn more about They Ask, You Answer Mastery

What if I’m not ready for coaching and training?

If your business is not ready to commit to our coaching and training program, IMPACT offers full-day workshops and online learning to align your company, train your staff, and build your strategy.

They Ask, You Answer Workshops

Our workshops create a foundation of shared principles that can set your organization up for sales and marketing success. The workshop costs $15,000, with a flat $1,000 travel fee add-on if you choose to do it on site.

Learn more about They Ask, You Answer Workshops


IMPACT+ provides the tools, education, and community you need to plan your content strategy, master HubSpot, and align your sales and marketing efforts.

We offer a wide array of courses, keynote recordings, community boards, discussion groups, tools, and more.

IMPACT+ has free and pro-level tiers, which cost $79 per month.

Learn more about IMPACT+

Can I hire IMPACT to do my marketing for me?

Time and time again, we’ve seen that the best results happen when companies take ownership of their marketing and sales success. We teach you to do this with patient, structured learning that’s tailored to your needs.

The fact is, you know your business and your customers better than anyone else, and this knowledge is critical to producing content that’s genuine and trust-building.

With our guidance, you’ll produce content that turns visitors into customers —and you’ll do so at a much faster and cost-effective rate than if we did it for you.

We will also train your sales team to use this content in the sales process to educate buyers, shorten the sales cycle, and improve close rates.

The only implementation work IMPACT does for clients is web design and development (discussed below) and paid search and social ads, explained here.

Website redesign and services

IMPACT designs and develops complete custom-built websites, and we work on both WordPress and the HubSpot CMS. 

We also build learning centers on existing websites for a flat cost of $5,000.

For a foundational website and redesign, expect a timeframe of 4-6 months, broken down accordingly:  

  • Phase 1: Planning and strategy. This is a one-month process and typically costs $7,500. It includes planning content strategy, sitemap and navigation, UX design, and the launchpad page strategy.
  • Phase 2: “Launchpad” website. This is a three-to-five month process and typically costs between $10,000 and $12,500 per month for this time. It costs more because of the heavy focus on development, design, and quality control. We use They Ask, You Answer and StoryBrand best practices to ensure your content delivers the right experience for your customers.  
  • Phase 3: Training and improvements. This phase typically costs $7,500 per month but can go up based on how much design and development support a client needs. This can go on as long as a client prefers. The IMPACT team will work with the client to optimize your website's conversion paths, landing pages, and content based on the data we’ve collected. 

It’s important to remember that your website should never be considered “finished.” IMPACT will give you the training you need to monitor and update your site long after you finish your engagement with us.

Any website project comes with an endless number of variables that can affect price. On average, custom website redesigns cost between $35,000 and $75,000, depending on the complexity of the site and the length of the Phase 3 retainer.

In this video, Marcus walks you through our website services. 

Learn more about IMPACT Website Services

Working with IMPACT

IMPACT empowers clients to take control of their sales and marketing success. We’ve led transformational change at businesses of all shapes and sizes. The principles are simple: candor, transparency, and diligence. We will teach you and hold you accountable along the way.

But remember, we don’t just want you to be successful. We also want you to be independent. Our goal is to develop your expertise to a point where you no longer need our help.

If you have any questions about price or your particular needs and goals, speak to an IMPACT advisor to learn more about how our approach can guide you to transformational change.