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Oscar Hovland

KOGGER, Norway, They Ask, You Answer Certified since March 2022

Location: Norway

Oscar's Bio

I’m Oscar and would love to show you an easy, but extremely effective, framework that will help you think more like your customers, and by being transparent and increasing your visibility, create TRUST – all by using the people and knowledge you already have!

As a customer myself, I know how much I appreciate suppliers that have good products and services – but at the same time are transparent, have great digital tools, answer all my questions, show me they are human, and have customers that spread positive Digital Word Of Mouth.

All of these feelings are why I established KOGGER – to help you create better customer journeys by being more visible, connecting better with your audience, showing who you are and how you can help.

We can show you an alternative to expensive corporate video production and outsourced marketing, by training you and your staff on how to create amazing quality in-house videos that will turn your company inside and out and make visible the people and the knowledge you have, because seeing who you are and what answers and knowledge you have will make you the TRUSTED VOICE in your field! And we all want to buy from someone we trust.

Whether it’s written content on your website, videos, or getting everyone in your organization onboard with creating relationships on Social Media platforms like LinkedIn, there is a simple framework we can teach you. This specific framework is tested and succeeded in making companies like yours make more human connections with their brand, increased employment engagement and in the end creates a more relevant and less expensive process, than hiring external help to do all of this for you.

We have held over 300 workshops all over Scandinavia and Western Europe, teaching our customers all the why's and how's of a smooth, relevant, and great customer experience.

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