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Steve Phipps

Wayfind Marketing, United States, They Ask, You Answer Certified since August 2022

Location: United States

Steve's Bio

Wayfind Marketing’s visionary, founder and CEO Steve Phipps serves as their chief pathfinder, waymaker, and trailblazer. With a zeal for adventure and insatiable curiosity, Steve leads the Wayfind Marketing team and their clients on creative expeditions into new and uncharted marketing territories. His personal marketing journey includes years of executive hustle at the corporate level carrying the mantle of small business owner and every other role imaginable on the marketing spectrum. Steve knows that marketing can be complicated, frustrating, and overwhelming, especially when all you want to do is get on with it so you can get back to what you do best—leading teams, making sales, closing deals—you know, actually running your business.

Decades of traveling the well-worn highways of corporate America paved the way for Steve to start his own marketing company with one primary objective: make marketing easier. Equipped with years of extensive industry experience, Steve has guided, developed and directed the marketing strategies of multinational companies serving Fortune 10 clients and served as VP for LunaWeb, a long-standing web and marketing firm located in Memphis, TN. But Steve’s sweet spot is walking alongside small business owners, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs with a great a idea and the grit and grind to make it a reality. As a business owner himself, Steve has owned several businesses including a Memphis area Chick-fil-a franchise.

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