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Tamarah Hovland

KOGGER, Norway, They Ask, You Answer Certified since March 2022

Location: Norway

Tamarah's Bio

I'm the Marketing Coordinator for Kogger!

5 things you should know about me and how I would love to help you:

1) I believe in honesty, transparency and by means of that, building trust. In my opinion, this is the best sales and marketing strategy and I would love to help you with this🙏🏼

2) I really enjoy helping our customers with their presence online, whether it´s on social media or through their website.

3) What I love: 🔥 VIDEO 🔥 Showing who you are, your company, what you stand for, and letting customers see and get to know you, before you get to know them. I know it´s not easy, imagining yourself on video, but I have some tips that can help. Also, I recommend looking up Zachary Basner on YouTube. He gives great advice!

4) I am a certified dental assistant but was also responsible for marketing, at my previous job. After being recommended, and reading, They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan, I quickly understood that inbound marketing really interested me, and I would love to work with it. So I did in January 2020!

5) I live in Norway. I love traveling, photography, music, our family cat named Larsen, and of course my family! 🤗

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