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Empower your sales team to close more deals
IMPACT has trained hundreds of sales teams to run more efficient and effective virtual sales meetings. Schedule a free call with an advisor to get started today.
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Master a set of sales principles, not platforms.
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Thrive in a digital-first sales environment.
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Effectively engage a virtual room of decision-makers.

Your sales reps need to start hitting their numbers

If any of the following sounds like you, you've come to the right place:
  • Your sales team doesn't confidently negotiate over video calls.

  • Your sales team's calls are inefficient, disorganized, and unengaging.

  • Your team sends emails that prospects don't open and respond to.

  • You don't use call recordings to help salespeople sharpen their skills.

  • Your team doesn't utilize personalized video in the sales process.

  • Your sales team can't effectively establish authority in sales calls.

  • Your sales calls end without clear next steps to move the deal forward.

  • Your sales team struggles to facilitate discussion and engage with decision-makers.

When you learn to overcome the common obstacles facing sales teams today, you'll see an improvement in revenue in weeks, not months.

You'll be trained by an IMPACT certified coach

Trained personally by Marcus Sheridan
Chris Duprey
Chris Duprey

Chief Strategy Officer, They Ask, You Answer Coach

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Zach Basner
Zach Basner

They Ask, You Answer Coach

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Chris Marr
Chris Marr

They Ask, You Answer Coach

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Will Schultz
Will Schultz

They Ask, You Answer Coach

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Devon McCarty
Devon McCarty

They Ask, You Answer Coach

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"Virtual selling and how to do it effectively"

"Refreshing and valuable. All that attended took away something useful.  Be the first to a conversation, set a video meeting up, and make sure the cameras are on. The first company a prospect has an actual conversation with wins 70% of the time."

Dan Pirigyi, Partner, Telecom Consulting Group

Virtual Selling Mastery

Own the (virtual) room

This is no time to learn from trial and error. 

In our now virtual-first world, it's not enough to know the platform. And you can't expect your in-person sales techniques to seamlessly transfer to video calls.

You need a suite of best practices so you can lead productive sales conversations that create happy customers and drive revenue.

With IMPACTs virtual sales training, your team can get reps before they get on calls with high-stakes prospects.

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Virtual Selling Mastery
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Learn to stand out

The average salesperson sends 100 emails per week, yet few know how to write the optimized subject line that gets opened, or how to use 1:1 video to engage with prospects.

Virtual sales success starts long before the actual call, with smarter outreach and better processes. 

Learn to build a sales process that seamlessly guides a prospect from first outreach to signed deal. 

You can create a true culture of virtual sales success that's based on principles, not platforms — so you can thrive for years to come.

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How to get started with virtual sales training

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Real success in the real world

Businesses just like yours have partnered with IMPACT to achieve
 dramatic growth with They Ask, You Answer.
Inbound Marketing Video Success Studies


Lifting and rigging company doubles down on education to drive serious revenue

Midwest-based Mazella Companies is a big player in the lifting and rigging space, employing more than 750 people. Their product offerings touch a number of other industries, and many of their buyers are rigging novices. Mazella went all-in on They Ask, You Answer and customer education. They started producing helpful, straightforward content, and the results soon followed. Today, they’ve nearly quadrupled their numbers: averaging 20,000 site visits and 240 leads per month — and they rank for more than 7,000 keywords.

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Midwest-based Mazella Companies is a big player in the lifting and rigging space, employing... Read More

In the 18 months since starting, our sales revenues are up almost $20 million. In 12 months, our monthly organic traffic also increased from 1,100 visits to nearly 20,000.

Adam Mazzella

VP of Sales, Mazzella

Inbound Marketing Video Success Studies


CEO takes on content creation, makes waves in billion-dollar freight industry

InTek Freight and Logistics CEO Rick LaGore knew that something wasn’t working. Bringing in less than 10 contacts per month didn’t fill the sales pipeline. So, he decided to tackle inbound marketing on his own, with IMPACT as his guide and They Ask, You Answer as his framework. LaGore produced 92 blog articles himself in a year. In 16 months with IMPACT, InTek saw organic traffic increase by 794%. As for that anemic lead pipeline? InTek now sees about 125 new contacts each month.

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InTek Freight and Logistics CEO Rick LaGore knew that something wasn’t working. Bringing in... Read More

"We have about 3500 contacts that are actively engaged with us on a monthly basis. We went from an unidentified sales pipeline to $5,000,000 at this point.

Rick LaGore

CEO, Intek

Inbound Marketing Video Success Studies


Local real estate business skyrockets website traffic and captures more qualified leads

Austin, Texas is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. With so much competition, how can a determined young start-up survive? By using content to build trust and connect with buyers. Aquila Commercial bought in to They Ask, You Answer and never looked back. Today, their internal marketing team produces content that buyers crave and their sales team loves — and they’re bringing in qualified leads like never before.

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Austin, Texas is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. With so much compet... Read More

"Within a year, our organic traffic had a 350% increase. In 2 years, we recorded our highest month of traffic at over 23,000, a 1,050% increase."

Kendall Guinn

CMO, Aquila

IMPACT is award-winning, certified,
 and invested in your success


Elite HubSpot Partner

Why does this matter?

As a two-time HubSpot Partner of the Year, IMPACT is among the most qualified companies in the world to help you drive sales from your inbound marketing.


StoryBrand Certified

Why does this matter?

As a StoryBrand Certified Agency, IMPACT will guide you to clarify your organization's online messaging so that more customers want to buy from you.

How much does virtual sales training cost?

Through six interactive coaching sessions over 12 weeks, your sales team will undergo comprehensive, hands-on training. Your coach will guide your team through virtual selling best practices, instruction in video techniques, verbal communication principles, negotiation skills, email communication strategy, and more.

The cost of the 12-week program is $35,000.

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