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Inbound Marketing Sales Team Training Services

Empower your sales team to close more deals in today's virtual, video-first world
Equip your sales team with comprehensive training designed to create a more efficient and effective virtual selling process so that they can close more deals and drive more revenue in today's world.
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Virtual selling is here to stay...
is your team prepared?

Many sales teams have been thrust into the world of virtual selling with little to no knowledge of how to do it effectively.

Selling in a virtual world isn't the same as traditional, face-to-face selling. Salespeople and customers alike have to be comfortable on camera, are often dealing with distractions in the background, and don't realize there are many nuances to effectively communicating through video.

With virtual sales training, your sales team will learn how to overcome these common obstacles, how to own a virtual sales call, and how to grab the attention of buyers in a digital world.


What to expect with virtual sales training

In six comprehensive coaching sessions over 12 weeks, your sales team will undergo hands-on training with Marcus Sheridan, author of They Ask, You Answer, and co-author of The Visual Sale.
This group training will guide your team through virtual selling best-practices, instruction in video techniques, effective communication, emails, and more!  
  • Virtual sales training

  • Foundational techniques

  • Video sales processes

  • Sales emails that get noticed


Virtual sales training

Over the course of your 12-week training, a group of up to 25 salespeople and managers will be expected to actively engage in six coaching sessions with Marcus Sheridan.

Each salesperson should be ready to participate in roleplays and recorded call reviews, and provide updates as they apply what they've learned each week.

These sessions will last for one hour and will be recorded so that your team may refer back at any time!

Through this intensive process, you can expect your team to master how to sell in a digital environment.


Foundational techniques

Whether your sales team is technically savvy or having a hard time adjusting to selling in a virtual world, this virtual sales training will equip your team for success. 

Your team will learn everything from the common struggles facing most sales teams today and how to overcome them to how to better engage with a prospect so they feel comfortable on camera.

You and your team will learn how to leverage today's technology and how to teach other members of your team these same techniques!



Video sales processes

Getting comfortable on video can be difficult — for salespeople and prospects alike!

Your team will learn how to effectively run a sales calls through video and limit distractions for both themselves and their prospects so that everyone can remain focused on the purpose of the call.

They will become masters in techniques that most salespeople don't consider! Believe it or not, referring to your prospects by name is critical — as is how much you share your screen and how much text you include in your slides.


Sales emails that get noticed

Effective virtual sales calls are only part of the battle in driving revenue in a virtual world. To start building trust with buyers, your sales team needs to get noticed!

As part of your virtual sales training, your team will learn how to create attention-grabbing emails using techniques like 1:1 video to stand out before a prospect ever meets with them.


Are you a good fit for Virtual Sales Team Training?

You're a good fit for Virtual Sales Training if you:

  • Are a well established, financially strong organization with a tenured sales team of more than 25 people.

  • Have little to no experience selling in a virtual environment.

  • Are eager to learn how to overcome common virtual sales challenges.

  • Are seeking direct 1:1 role-plays and call review feedback.

You're not a good fit for Virtual Sales Training if you:

  • Have fewer than 25 salespeople and are relatively tech-savvy.

  • Have been selling in a virtual environment for some time and thriving.

  • Are more interested in learning how your sales team can master techniques like assignment selling to close deals faster.

What does virtual sales team training cost?

Knowing what type of virtual sales training your company needs is a complex process. That’s why we start the majority of our engagements, the most basic principles around $7,500.

Then depending on what your needs are our full programs range from $30,000 - $60,000.

Need a little more?
Don't worry, we’ve got you covered!

Whether you're looking to turn your sales pros into certified trainers, create a customized online learning platform for your team, or build on your training, we offer a variety of packages, at an additional cost, that can give your sales team even more of an edge!

Train the trainer

Master the skills and curriculum of IMPACT’s Virtual Sales Mastery program and become a certified virtual sales trainer — so your company possesses the ability to help every single salesperson conquer and thrive in a digital sales environment.  

Cost: $27,000

Turn your best salespeople into certified Virtual Sales Trainers.


Empower your team to turn every salesperson into a master of virtual sales.


Make virtual sales mastery a part of your company culture.

Customized online learning and sales certifications

Continue to level-up your sales team's performance with a customized online sales training program that you own in perpetuity. Over the course of 30-60 days, you’ll receive up to 30 videos addressing how to respond to the common questions and objections that your sales team faces on a daily basis. It comes packaged up in an online learning platform that tracks certifications and course completion.

Cost: $59,000 + monthly cost of software

Receive 30 customized training videos over the course of 30-60 days.


Online training that will teach your sales team how to respond to your customers' most common questions.


Get a custom, online learning platform to track progress and certifications.

Digital sales workshop

Need more help getting your company up to speed on today’s digital buyer and how sales and marketing can better work together to speed up sales and increase revenue? This two-day virtual workshop dives into the core reason why customers buy from you, how to create content that your sales team will use, and how to use that content to speed up the sales process.  

Cost: $12,500 for two-days or $7,500 for 1-day + travel fee (if needed)

Align your sales, marketing and leadership teams around a unified digital strategy.


Learn how to create content that speeds up the sales process and closes deals faster.


Understand the behavior of today's modern buyer, so you can rank #1 for the questions they are searching for.

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