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Using Video is Essential to Your Success

Principle 6
Using Video is Essential to Your Success

Watch Marcus Sheridan deliver the sixth principle of this playbook.

According to Wistia, your ideal customers will spend 2.6 times more time on a company website that has video than one that doesn’t. 

Plus, 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video. 

What does this data tell us? That our inbound marketing strategy now (and into the future) must include video-based content if you don’t want to leave money on the table.

Unfortunately, too many businesses fail to create the seven types of sales and marketing videos that are proven to jumpstart traffic, leads, and sales growth. At IMPACT, we call these “The Selling 7.

The Selling 7:

  1. Landing page videos that increase conversion rates of qualified leads
  2. Customer journey videos that show products and services really work
  3. Employee bio videos that establish trust faster with a prospect 
  4. 80% videos that answer frequently asked questions about a product or service
  5. Product-and-service-fit videos that establish who is not a good fit
  6. Price/cost videos that demystify how pricing works
  7. “Claims we make” videos that prove your declared differentiators to be true

Instead, these companies waste tens of thousands of dollars with outsourced video production agencies on “about our company” videos, which rarely, if ever, help sales close a single deal faster. 

In turn, a company’s excitement quickly turns sour and their investment in video feels like a money pit rather than the revenue-generator it should have been.

When your company commits fully to creating The Selling 7, it won’t be long before you see dramatically increased website traffic and engagement with your content, accelerated conversions of qualified leads, and an empowered sales team that can close deals faster with more educated prospects.

But, of course, you may also be thinking to yourself:

I’m not comfortable on camera. I’m not comfortable asking anyone from my team or in sales to be on camera. Creating video simply is not possible.”

To that we say this – your ideal customers do not care if you’re not comfortable on video. And they don’t care if you’re not comfortable editing video either. 

Video is the medium that is proven to establish trust between you and your ideal customers faster than anything else, and it also is more in demand than any others. 

Compared to writing, it is the content that will make your ideal customers trust you, feel more at ease and comfortable with the sales process, and make them more likely to digest the information you’re sharing. 

Remember, what we’re asking of our customers is no small thing. We’re asking them to give us their money, no matter what it is that we do or sell. That’s a huge commitment. 

And the moment we committed to making that ask, we forfeited the right to not empower our customers to feel comfortable during the sales process. 

Instead, we have to do whatever it takes – and what it takes is video. 

Let’s put this into action

  • Take our course, Video Sales and Marketing Strategy. In it, you’ll learn from IMPACT They Ask, You Answer Coach Zach Basner about how to create the seven different types of videos that drive the most revenue (The Selling 7), how to align your teams around a shared vision of video, the six factors that make up engaging and effective sales and marketing videos, among other things.
  • Then, take Zach’s Mastering On-Camera Performance course. If you shudder at the thought of speaking on camera, you’re definitely not the only one – but you can overcome this fear. In this course, Zach helps you uncover the skills and techniques to master your performance on-camera, whether it’s for a Zoom meeting, a 1:1 sales video, a YouTube tutorial, or full-scale production.
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