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Content Must Be Integrated Into the Sales Process

Principle 5
Content Must Be Integrated Into the Sales Process

Watch Marcus Sheridan deliver the fifth principle of this playbook.

If we were to approach your sales team right now and ask them what their greatest sales tool is, what would they say? 

Of course, the answer will vary depending on what it is that you do or sell, but here’s a sad fact – the vast majority of them will not say the content that your marketing team is producing.

Most sales teams, in fact, don’t use content in the sales process at all because they don’t see the value of it. 

If you’re doing inbound marketing right, they should see every piece of content you produce as a valuable tool in their sales toolbox that helps them close more deals faster with more educated buyers.

This is why you start at the bottom of the funnel (principle #4) when you begin creating content. 

Every single one of those bottom-of-the-funnel questions align with the biggest fears, worries, and concerns that your prospects – your true, good-fit, motivated buyers – have when they’re talking to sales. They are the questions that could make or break their choice to buy from you. 

And the more you eliminate or address those fears, worries, and concerns for your ideal-fit prospects with your content before they ever talk to someone in sales, the faster you’ll start seeing revenue results roll in from your content efforts.

When you arm your sales team with this kind of content, you eliminate the biggest challenge facing most sales professionals today – being stuck teaching unqualified leads on sales appointments instead of selling to those who want to buy.

The process of intentionally using educational content about your products and services to resolve the majority of concerns and questions prospects have during sales conversations is called assignment selling, and it saves sales reps hours of time qualifying leads and closing deals.

Let’s put this into action

Take our course, Assignment Selling Content Is the Greatest Sales Tool with Marcus Sheridan. In less than an hour, you’ll discover the importance of leveraging content in the sales process, spending less time educating in sales meetings, and ensuring you’re always working with qualified prospects. You’ll also understand how assignment selling works, what’s possible when it’s done correctly, and how to start implementing it tomorrow.

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