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Justine Timoteo Thomas

Director of Training

Location: Cleveland, OH

Justine's Bio

Justine leads, manages and ensures the highest quality of work is delivered on a daily basis from her team of account managers.

She discovered her passion for inbound marketing more than six years ago and has worked directly with clients to establish successful strategies ever since. Though she loves bouncing ideas off of her desk-mate Nelle, her gray tabby cat, Justine doesn’t always get the feedback she needs.

So instead, you can find her excited to hop onto video calls with her fellow IMPACTers each day. When she’s not in her home office, Justine can be found exploring the vibrant areas of Cleveland, Ohio, and adding more stamps to her passport -- 15 countries and counting!

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Justine's Certifications

HubSpot Agency Partner

Inbound (2017 Version)

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