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Iris Hearn

By Iris Hearn

May 10, 2020


Content Marketing Infographics
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Content Marketing  |   Infographics

5 easy ways to infuse personalization into your content marketing [Infographic]

Iris Hearn

By Iris Hearn

May 10, 2020

5 easy ways to infuse personalization into your content marketing [Infographic]

Hyper-personalization has become a way of life.

From Netflix to Amazon and Spotify, brands have been using personalization to keeping customers engaged and loyal and as consumers, it’s really become the expectation.

Buyers want to be able to access the information most valuable to them without having to jump through hoops to get it.

If your website can deliver on that expectation, you’re cutting a lot of the clutter out of your sales process.

However, you don’t necessarily need complex algorithms or advanced AI in place to deliver on this expectation.

No matter what your size, your brand can create highly personalized experiences on your website with an adapted content marketing strategy.

With all the data marketers have access to on their contacts, their web behavior, and their buyer’s journey, it’s easier than ever to create a highly personalized experience for your personas as they explore your website.

In fact, a recent infographic from Whiskdata (shared below) reported the following:

  • 94% of marketers believe delivering personalization is critical or important to reaching customers
  • 74% of marketers say personalization has a high impact on engagement
  • 70% of businesses are still underutilizing the power of a custom tailored web experience
  • 68% of marketers say personalization based on behavioral data has a high impact on ROI

Landing pages

Marketers put a lot of strategy into getting a visitor to get into the landing page, so it’s important that once they’re there, their experience should be as compelling as possible. Personalization can play a big part in this.

Here are a few key areas to consider using personalization on your landing pages in:

  • Form - Utilize progressive profiling on the form so they don’t have to fill out information they already have in the past. This will also allow us to collect more information about them to add to their contact record.
  • Copy - Even if this is the first form they’ve filled out on the website, make sure the copy speaks clearly to their pain points that would lead them to filling out the form, and make it clear how taking the action will help resolve it.

Interactive polls & quizzes

The easiest way to get visitors to tell you about themselves is to put the questions into an interactive quiz.

This is a mutually beneficial strategy, as the user gets insights into themselves as they go through the questions, and marketers gain valuable information on the contact for them to take action on!

Use geolocation

By utilizing visitors IP address (or the location they previously shared with you), you can create a very personalized experience that cuts out the clutter and allows users to get what they're looking for immediately and get you closer to making a sale.

Marketers can use this to show nearby store locations, connect them with sales staff in their area, show products that are relevant to their area or customize graphics that are more specific to them.

First step: Study historical data on behavior

To personalize your content, start by looking at your persona’s activities with your brand. Specifically, you can look at:

  • Website behavior - How are users interacting with your website? What is the typical flow they go through in the buying process? By looking at this, you can identify what is the most valuable to your personas, and use that to improve your overall site user flow.
  • Email engagement - After providing us their information, users email engagement will tell us a lot about how strong your email marketing efforts are. Take a look at open rates, click through rates, and opt-out metrics to determine if your email strategy is effective. If you’re not satisfied with these numbers, it would indicate that users are not feeling the personal touch on these, and can tell that is an automated email.
  • Purchasing/sales process behavior - Finally, look at your personas behavior in the sales process. What questions are they asking that we could answer on the website? What pain points are we not addressing correctly?

Read the full infographic from WhiskData here:


Free Assessment:

How does your sales & marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.