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In 6 Months, ADS Saw a 92% Increase in Sales Opportunities with HubSpot Marketing & COS Solutions

About ADS

Advanced Data Systems Corporation (ADS) is a leading provider of electronic health records, practice management systems, and radiology information systems (RIS) for radiology practices. The company currently serves thousands of physicians and healthcare providers in every medical specialty and practice size.

Since 1977, ADS' mission has been to create and deliver superior healthcare software solutions supporting optimum productivity, while also providing radiology practices with the finest in training, support, and services.

The ADS team strives to be a leader in meeting the challenges and changes within the healthcare industry, and this includes ensuring their customers can take full advantage of and address upcoming and newly-developed initiatives and requirements.

Traffic, Leads, & Opportunities Reached a Plateau

ADS has been a HubSpot user, a practitioner of inbound marketing, and a partner with IMPACT for several years. At the beginning of 2017, they averaged almost 14,000 visits to their website, around 130 inbound contacts, and about 13 new sales opportunities on a monthly basis.

Although their overall performance had improved from when we first began working together, we saw that ADS' results were beginning to level-off. We also recognized that there were opportunities sitting dormant in their database, as well as room for improvement at the top- and middle-of-the-funnel.

In short, it was time to go from "Inbound 1.0" to "Inbound 2.0."

Balancing Short-Term Results & Long-Term Objectives

Our team took a two pronged approach to improving ADS’ marketing results that incorporated both quick wins and long-game plays.

In order to improve organic traffic and middle-of-the-funnel conversions, our strategy emphasized (a) infusing their blog with higher-quality topics and content, and (b) creating new premium content offers -- but these approaches wouldn't have an immediate impact, and we didn’t want to wait six months to see measurable results.

Quick Win No. 1: SEO

Based on the data available in HubSpot as well as our knowledge of the competitive landscape, we knew the content we were creating for ADS was some of the best in the industry, but not enough people were finding it. To address this shortfall, we put together a comprehensive, research-based SEO strategy, focusing specifically on a few keywords and topics at a time.

We executed our plan in three ways:

Historical Blog Optimization

Using HubSpot’s Page Performance tool, we found that the most visited page on the ADS website was not their homepage. Instead, it was a blog article written years ago. We set to work on updating the content in that article and improving conversion opportunities for visitors. We also optimized the article's keywords and images.

Afterward, we made a list of the blog articles and website pages that generated the most traffic in the past two years, and we historically optimized them using the same gameplan. The result was a 166%+ increase in blog traffic each month as compared to the same month the previous year.

ADS-Blog-Traffic (1).png

Blog traffic, year-over-year.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Using our quarterly keyword strategies, we continuously updated top-performing website and landing pages to reflect what their target buyer persona was searching for, with a focus on keeping the information they would find up-to-date, relevant, and actionable.

A Fresh Blog Content Strategy

We knew from experience that historically optimizing old blogs wouldn't be enough; we needed to continue to create blog content that kept up with the industry and attracted the right audience.

Again, using our SEO and keyword strategies, we outlined each blog article to ensure consistency and relevancy between topics, while focusing on the biggest opportunities for improvement in ADS' search rankings.

Through our execution of these three activities, we achieved a measurable jump in site traffic -- specifically, organic search traffic, which more than doubled on a year-over-year basis.

ADS-Traffic-YoY (1).png

Month-over-month site traffic growth; organic search traffic shown in lime green.

Quick Win No. 2: User Testing & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Throughout 2016, we had been working HubSpot’s growth-driven design approach into our inbound strategy for ADS, in order to maximize lead conversions from the traffic generated by all of the content we had created over the years.

Again, looking at HubSpot’s Page Performance tool, we knew only a few pages of the ADS website generated the majority of site traffic. Rather than guess what improvements we should make, we utilized UserTesting.com to understand how real users navigated the top-performing pages and identify issues that might be preventing them from converting.

Within days, we had our answers.

Because the ADS site is built on the HubSpot COS platform, we were able to quickly and easily update the website pages. Our slight copy modifications and revisions to the ways users could view product screenshots resulted in a marked increase in first-time conversions.

ADS-Contacts-YoY (1).png

Month-over-month first-time conversions growth; organic search source shown in lime green.

We also updated the ADS blog layout with IMPACT’s Blog Optimization Package. This was completed in February 2017, and with one simple layout change, blog subscribers increased by 54% within months.

ADS-Blog-Subscribers (1).png

Growth of ADS blog subscriber base.

Planning for the Long Run with Relevant Content

The healthcare software industry is deeply affected by government regulations, and with the 2016 presidential election, we knew there would be an abundance of topical, compelling content we could create to help ADS' audience understand and prepare for shifts in the regulatory landscape.

With that in mind, we developed a content strategy designed to address fear of change within the industry head-on.

In January, we analyzed relevant keywords and news articles to better understand what was driving conversation for our audience. We then developed a long-term blogging, webinar, and email marketing campaign to attract new visitors and answer their questions as they moved through the buyer's journey.

As a result of these efforts, ADS achieved an 86% increase in traffic (54% in organic), a 161% increase in contacts, and a 92% increase in sales opportunities, all of which contributed to the company having a record-setting year.

“IMPACT has been instrumental in our company’s success. Their ability to provide guidance and expertise for our various marketing programs has led to a substantial increase in sales, as well as positioning us as a thought leader in our industry.”

Stephen O’Connor Director of Digital Marketing, ADS

The Finishing Touch: A New HubSpot Lead Scoring Model

Finally, we performed a deep dive into ADS' contacts through HubSpot Reports, as well as individual HubSpot contact records. Our goal was to analyze the interactions of those contacts with ADS' content offers to determine how and when they were consuming content, and how specific content influenced the buying process.

As an outcome of our research, we updated and refined the ADS lead scoring model in HubSpot to better reflect where the company's leads fell within the buying process.

This has empowered us to develop strategically-scoped lead nurturing and retargeting programs, which will only aid in furthering the growth of ADS' sales pipeline.

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