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Social Distancing Doesn't Have to Stop Your Event. Now Is the Time to Go Virtual.
Let our experts help guide you through shifting your in-person event strategy to host industry-leading virtual events that drive sales, engage customers, and build your community.
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Why Virtual Event Consulting?

Right now, the event marketing landscape has changed. As in-person events are getting canceled or postponed, now isn’t the time to abandon your event marketing strategy. Instead, it’s time to focus on virtual events.

Whether you want to host webinars or full-scale virtual conferences, virtual events tend to be more cost-effective for both attendees and the host, and can help you attract and engage with a much larger audience.

With the right strategy, virtual events can be a game-changer.

What You Can Expect With Virtual Event Consulting

  • Strategic Consultant

  • Video Consultant

  • Direct Access

Strategic Consultant

Eight weekly 30-minute meetings with a Strategic Consultant to:

  • Work through adapting or creating your event strategy for the virtual landscape.
  • Get guidance on how to choose the right platforms for your business.
  • Work with you to develop your virtual event content and promotional plan.
  • Train your team to run your events seamlessly.
Strategic Consultant

Eight weekly 30-minute meetings with a Video Consultant to:

  • Help guide you through the video promotion process for virtual events.

  • How to properly structure your virtual talk or session

  • Expert guidance on how to produce visually stunning sessions from your home workspace

  • Review script outlines and initial cuts of promotional videos.


Direct access to your personal consultant via Basecamp

In-between meetings, you'll have access to your strategic and video consultant via Basecamp or email for your convince. 


Is Virtual Event Consulting Right for You?

If you currently have in-person events that are moving to virtual or are looking to add virtual events to your strategy, virtual event consulting is right for you.

Did you have an event or conference that canceled or rescheduled?
We've experienced that ourselves.

How Much Does Virtual Event Consulting Cost?

Virtual Consulting costs a flat rate of


For a two month commitment

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