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Regional Roofer Brings in $270K per Month From Organic Leads

Dave and his team knew that modern buyers needed to see a robust digital presence to really trust a business. But RoofCrafter’s website wasn’t cutting it. It was filled with fluffy content written by various freelancers — and it didn’t solve his buyer’s needs.


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RoofCrafters' Journey

Dave Owens learned from an early age that there were no shortcuts. If he wanted something, he had to work for it.

Young Dave started doing odd jobs around his Florida neighborhood. He started building a client base that trusted him with bigger and bigger responsibilities. By the time he was 13, Dave had put on his first roof.

He kept one piece of advice in his mind: His mother had told him that he could have anything he wanted in life, but he had to earn it.

It was this mindset that set Dave apart from everyone else — and set him up for the long-term success he now enjoys.

Today, all these years later, Dave is the founder and owner RoofCrafters, a home-improvement company operating in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

At every step of his growth along the way, Dave has held true to that advice his mother gave him: You have to earn your success.

For Dave and the RoofCrafters team, this means working hard to earn his customers’ trust and never taking shortcuts.

Standing out in a crowded industry

Your average homeowner has dozens of options if they need a new roof. Maybe hundreds. With so many to choose from, why would they call RoofCrafters? What would make someone pick them instead of someone else?

Simple: Dave won people’s trust.

Dave would work harder than the next roofer to earn each buyer’s business. From the first interaction, he would go the extra mile to win over an uncertain buyer. When he was just starting to grow his brand, Dave and his fledgling team would do it better and do it faster than any competitor.

Another company would forget to return calls.

Dave wouldn’t.

Another company would take three weeks to come out and give an estimate.

Dave would be there in 30 minutes.

Another company’s owner would never visit most job sites.

Dave was on every one.

This approach was baked into Dave’s DNA — back from his days in the neighborhood.

‘You don’t need a new website… yet’

Dave and his team knew that modern buyers needed to see a robust digital presence to really trust a business.

But RoofCrafters' website wasn’t cutting it. It was filled with fluffy content written by various freelancers — and it didn’t solve his buyers' needs.

Dave started looking for an agency that would fit his team’s culture. Dave didn’t want to phone this in. He wanted a website that built trust the way he and his team did in the field. He wanted a site that was easy for his buyers to navigate.

That’s why he came to IMPACT.

We were ready to help Dave and his business grow — but the first thing we needed to do was get to the heart of the problem.

Dave and the RoofCrafters team thought they needed a new website. While their old site was holding them back with limited functionality, it wasn’t the most pressing need.

They weren’t losing sales because of their outdated website. They were losing sales because their field reps didn’t have the materials they needed to address every question and concern their buyers had.

This happens a lot at IMPACT. Businesses come to us thinking they need one thing, but they actually need another. We help them separate the symptoms they’re suffering from and the underlying causes.

So priority number one was not a website, but a marketing team. With a few choice hires, RoofCrafters could start producing written and video content field reps needed to help their buyers feel more confident.

As Dave started to catch the IMPACT vision, he realized it was a scaled-up version of the work he’d been doing all along: Building trust with customers by doing what other companies wouldn’t.

This meant focusing his sales process on buyer education. RoofCrafters would talk openly about price, product reviews, and material limitations so customers could make informed buying decisions.

What the company needed now was the team to do it.

“It could not have been done without IMPACT.”

Dave Owens
Dave Owens, Owner
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Build the team first, the website second

IMPACT’s model is different from typical marketing agencies. Rather than doing the work for you, we train you to do it yourselves.

Too often, we see companies go to market with agency-produced marketing materials that are generic or gimmicky.

We believe that companies can market themselves more effectively than an agency. It just requires some guidance and training. They just need an internal team to produce content that’s true to their brand — and perfect for their customers.

Dave immediately saw the potential of the IMPACT way.

RoofCrafters enrolled in IMPACT’s sales and marketing training program and Dave started to advertise for three marketing positions: A content manager to produce articles, emails, and premium resources, a videographer to film videos for the website and social media, and a HubSpot administrator to track data and keep things organized.

RoofCrafters’ first marketing team

Kyle Pape was the first on board. A recent film school graduate, Kyle came in as a videographer with deep technical and artistic knowledge — but no familiarity with roofing.

No matter.

Over the course of his first few months on the job, he rode around to worksites with Dave, learning the industry first-hand. “Those first few months,” Kyle says, “I spent many hours in the car. I had so much fun driving to all these locations, getting footage, and just getting to know the team.” But it wasn’t just roofing he was learning. Kyle was internalizing the culture of RoofCrafters — both as it was and how Dave wanted it to be.

IMPACT wanted to help RoofCrafters create a culture of video within the company. At every point in a customer’s journey, a prospect could watch a video to learn more about their purchase.

Like many home improvement industries, roofing suffered from a trust deficit, and video could help fix this. The right video content would help customers get to know the brand and the people more easily.

RoofCrafters committed to producing unbiased, educational content that would help buyers feel well-informed.

With IMPACT’s guidance, RoofCrafters would start using video in the sales process to answer customer questions — and establish trust more quickly.

However, this could only happen if the sales team was on board.

At first, there was some hesitancy, but everyone started seeing the potential and coming around. Kyle remembers, “When we started to see a few guys grab hold and champion the change we were pushing, we saw the lightbulb go off and they started to see more wins.”

At the same time, Cassie Findley had signed on as the new content manager. At first, she had been skeptical. A recent midwest college grad, Cassie moved to Florida from Illinois and wasn’t sure about writing for a roofing company. But like Kyle, she was swayed by the vision Dave offered. Soon, she was on the team and working directly with IMPACT’s content training team to get up to speed. 

“My first few days with RoofCrafters,” Cassie reflects, “I had no idea what to expect. But I was working with IMPACT and we quickly became a well-oiled machine,” pumping out high-quality written content that directly spoke to customers.

The last piece of the puzzle was Zack Wynne, who came on as a HubSpot administrator. Zack was another recent graduate who had studied marketing because he loved to help people. But he had found that out in the real world, too many companies had a sell-at-all-costs approach that seemed to put the customer last.

RoofCrafters offered something different. Zack was swayed by IMPACT’s approach that put so much emphasis on trust.

“Buyers don't wanna be harassed or interrupted,” he says. “They want to find the solution to their problem. So when I met with Dave and learned about IMPACT, it all just clicked. I knew that this was the right philosophy for inbound marketing.”

A website for the customers

With a top-flight team and an ever-growing reservoir of educational content, RoofCrafters was finally ready for that new website.

And IMPACT delivered.

The new site was built entirely with the user in mind. Information is clearly organized, resources are easy to find, and the answer to every question is just a few clicks away.

When they finally coupled the new site with a mature marketing strategy and an improved sales process, RoofCrafters was unstoppable.

Traffic, leads, and sales all exploded. And they kept going up.

From 2021 to 2022, website sessions increased by 460%.

But this was no isolated vanity metric.

As traffic grew, so did organic leads.

Before partnering with IMPACT, they’d be lucky to get a handful of leads every quarter through their website.

Suddenly, organic leads were driving 2% of their total business.

Then 6%.

Then 12%.

Then 16%.

At the time of publication, RoofCrafters is bringing in $270,000 in revenue every month from organic leads.

And with a library of helpful content his estimators could use with prospects, Dave saw his team’s closing rate rise. It used to hover around 30%. But with the new sales techniques the sales team was learning from IMPACT, their closing rate nearly doubled, with some sales reps closing 60% of all prospects.

And the revenue keeps pouring in.

Now RoofCrafters has the website, the team, and the expertise to sustain their growth. They no longer need IMPACT’s help.

‘It could not have been done without IMPACT’

Dave and his team know their business, and that’s why IMPACT’s model was so attractive. We weren’t offering a long-term, indefinite contract. Instead, we offered independence and opportunity.

At IMPACT, we don’t believe in creating dependence. We want our clients to learn from us so that they don’t need us long-term.

For RoofCrafters, this has been a perfect fit. With a strong team and a cutting-edge website, they’re ready for sustained success. Dave has big ambitions — which have everything to do with customer education: “We want to have the number one roofing website in the world,” he reveals. “A place where people can come and get the information they need, whether we do business with them or not.”

All signs show that they’re on their way.

As they look back on their time with IMPACT, Dave and his team are reflective.

“One thing I appreciate about IMPACT is feeling that you were going to train me so that I could take the principles and grow and evolve,” says Kyle. “Every time I asked a question, my trainer would answer with another question. It was hard at the time, but I know that’s how you grow.”

Cassie looks at where RoofCrafters is now and compares it with where it was a few years ago. “I don't think that what we've accomplished could have been done without IMPACT.”

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