They Ask, You Answer Awards 2021

[TAYA Awards] They Ask, You Answer Awards 2021

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They Ask, You Answer 2021 Award Winners


Fire & Ice Heating and Cooling, Mark Wilson

By answering the most common questions Bryan is asked in the sales process through video, he’s able to have more decision-focused conversations with potential customers – resulting in him becoming the first rep to bring in more than $2 million in sales and reducing the sales cycle by 10%.

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IMPACK, Hani Hallal

It’s natural to think a company that sells folder-glue packaging equipment would want to do just that… sell folder-glue packaging equipment. But Hani and his team at IMPACK are on a mission to educate first and foremost, even if that means explaining to prospects when purchasing the equipment isn’t in their best interest.

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Industrial Packaging, Nathan Dube

Nathan’s “The Different Types Of Contract Packaging Services” article can be directly attributed to a $1 million annual contract and was the catalyst for a sales cycle that took 90% less time.

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Western States Metal Roofing, Lauren Risotto

In 2021, writing about the price of steel wasn’t just addressing cost for Western States Metal Roofing – it also was addressing a huge problem their industry was facing due to supply chain issues. By tackling the topic head-on, Lauren was able to answer several of the more frustrating questions their prospective customers had, resulting in the article receiving the most single-day views and more than $16k in attributed revenue.

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Applied Education Systems, Jim Schultz

Jim made a strategic business decision that took his $10 million company to $0 in sales virtually overnight. Over the course of the next ten years, Jim and his team have adopted the They Ask, You Answer philosophy in all aspects of the business - resulting in $27 million in sales, 141,771 organic leads and being name Inc’s Top 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list 4 years in a row.

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