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Melissa Prickett

Sr. They Ask, You Answer Advisor, 15+ Years of Business Development Experience, Inbound Enthusiast

As a They Ask, You Answer Advisor, Melissa works with professionals who have identified the need to implement better sales and marketing strategies in their business. With direct experience with startups as well as some large companies such as LexisNexis and ADP, and everything in between, Melissa knows firsthand the challenges of businesses, both big and small.

Melissa’s love for inbound and helping businesses grow through proven methodologies has led her to IMPACT where she can take a problem and develop strategies to drive growth.

Outside of IMPACT, Melissa lives in Chicago with her husband Paul, their adopted dog Shadow, and enjoy activities such as international travel, music, Cubs baseball, and finding delicious restaurants all over the city. In her spare time, she mentors individuals through improved nutrition and wellness and often can be found pet sitting a friend or neighbor’s dog.

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