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Commitment To New Routines Takes Practice [MarketHer Ep. 60]

Commitment To New Routines Takes Practice [MarketHer Ep. 60] Blog Feature

July 3rd, 2019 min read

Have you put anything we've shared thus far into practice yet?

Full disclosure, we MarkerHers are having a really hard time putting mindfulness and mediation into our normal routines. 

This week, it's just Kate and I and we recap what we've learned and our lack of commitment, but also what we are going to do about it. 

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So, do we feel like failures? A little bit. What is it that we truly fear in making mindfulness and meditation a part of our every day lives?

Silence? Sitting in our thoughts? Settling our minds?   - YES to all of this! 

Charles Duhigg, the author of The Power of Habit, and an expert on behavioral psychology suggests that most people fail to adopt new habits because they do not understand the structure of habits.

So, what's the secret? 

  1. The Cue or Trigger: This is the part of the habit loop where you are triggered to take some sort of action through a cue in your internal or external environment.
  2. The Action: Good or bad, this is the part of the habit loop where you actually take action on the habit you want to adopt or drop.
  3. The Reward: This is the part of the habit loop where your brain receives a reward for taking the desired activity (or not as you will see in just a second).

Kate and I are going to REALLY start putting what our guests share with us into practice and we are going to share that experience with you. Kate has already started on our Facebook page

Have you started to put any of the tips we've shared into practice? Email us at! We'd love to hear your journey and share your story with others! 

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