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40+ Eye-Opening Video Marketing Statistics You’ve Got To See [Infographic]

40+ Eye-Opening Video Marketing Statistics You’ve Got To See [Infographic] Blog Feature

Megan Lang

Video Editor, 5+ Years of Video Production & Editing

July 7th, 2019 min read

At IMPACT, we’re big believers in video. 

Going beyond just words to introduce face and voices to your content, video is the fastest and most effective way to build trust with an audience and introduce them to your brand. 

It’s also an easily shareable and digestible way to get your message out to the world. There’s so much content in the form of text and images available, that video is a welcome retreat for tired readers and anyone on-the-go.

But some marketers might still be on the fence about just how useful it is.

Luckily, Digital Information World reported some fascinating compiled research about how people interact with video to get you on the video bandwagon.

These stats are essential to understanding how to position your video content for your audiences.

The first one that really stood out to me is that 1200% more shares are generated from video than text and images combined.

Think of the audience you would reach with 1200% more shares. More shares mean more eyes on your content. This could mean it leads more people to your site potentially signing up for your event, buying your product, etc. 

Video also engages people in a way that just text and images can’t. 

Think about a still frame from your favorite comedy film. 

It might make you smile, but it would make you actually laugh if you could hear what they were saying, see their facial expressions in motion. Video makes everything more alive.

Marketers who use it grow their revenue almost 50% faster than non-video marketers. All it takes is a camera and some lights, and you could be growing exponentially faster.

A pro tip that comes from this infographic is to make short and sweet videos. 

Most people don’t watch past two minutes. That means you have to strategically plan out the first few seconds of your content to make it as engaging as possible, and hope they’ll stick around.

We have a tendency to want to make feature films out of our content, but the fact is, people are busy and even if they want to, they are unlikely to watch that long. Make sure you give the pertinent information and keep their attention.

Furthermore, including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%. That’s wild! 

A Worthy Investment

It’s an investment to create videos or build a video team. It takes a lot of time to vet potential hires, not to mention a substantial monetary investment in the equipment needed.

Looking at these stats, you can tell that it’s worth the investment. You’ll engage a lot more people, and your sales will reap the benefits.

If you’re as excited about video as we are, but you need help getting started, contact us for help with production or coaching.

Check out the infographic from Digital Information World below for more eye-opening video statistics:

Video Stats

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