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How a Teacher-Turned-Business Owner Found Her Calling Through Mindful Meditation [MarketHer Ep. 59]

How a Teacher-Turned-Business Owner Found Her Calling Through Mindful Meditation [MarketHer Ep. 59] Blog Feature

June 26th, 2019 min read

There are moments in all of our lives when we question our careers.

Are we truly doing what we love? Is it bringing us joy or burning us out? Does it feel like a job? 

We recently had a great conversation with Hanna Hassler about this very thing.

She shared her story on the moment she realized she was in the wrong field and how she came to learn what her true passion was through mindful meditation. 

She also shared some incredible tips that Kate and I were so excited to put into action immediately!

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As you'll see in the video above, we were very excited and eager to put the tips Hanna shares with us into action. 

A Little Background on Hanna Hassler

Hanna is the founder of Rorschach your Reality. Her passions include creating fictional short stories, reading way past “lights out”, and taking long, dusty walks in the Arizona desert.

Her purpose is to help people identify the stories they are telling themselves about their own reality, embrace the process of reframing those stories into something more powerful, and ultimately rewrite the narrative that will shape the rest of your life.

If you love what you've heard and are starting to put any of the tips we share into action, we would LOVE for you to share a recorded video on your experience.

1. Don’t Treat Mindfulness as a “Self-Fix” Tool.

As soon as you realize you're trying t “fix” yourself by being mindful, practicing meditation, or seeking awareness, you know you’re on the wrong track. This is an opportunity to notice yourself and what is - NOT judge or change yourself.

2. Practice in Ways That Resonate With Who You Naturally Are.

My first experiences with mediating were likely not what you imagine with lotus pose, legs cross, mind clear, room silent.

That was WAY too much of a stretch for me.

Instead, I started while I was walking (something I enjoyed and was already doing).

Instead of rehashing negative interactions or stressing about All. The. Things. or jumping on a phone call (or podcast!), I would spend the first five minutes just breathing and listening to my footsteps.

Breath and steps.  It wasn’t an “empty” mind, but there was no input, no negativity, no stress.

3. Try a Mantra or Two!

Having a quiet mind is really, really hard, especially if you tend towards stress or have a lot going on in life.

Taking my mind from a hundred miles an hour to nothing wasn’t going to happen because I decided to meditate. 

Mantras were the perfect middle ground - they took up enough space to keep the other things at bay, while also being calming, empowering, and positive.

I found that pairing a mantra with a walk could keep me in a stress-free state of quiet focus for an hour or more (I love to walk!) once I started practicing.

4. Allow Yourself to See Yourself.

I realized during meditation that I often try to force myself to be a certain way (or to be perceived a certain way by others). Instead of accepting myself for who I am, I’m really quick to try and force something else into being - a way of feeling, responding, or appearing.

Meditation (my mantra walks, really) was the first time I let myself sit with the reality of how I felt without trying to change it. Powerful!

5. Get Some Help from Someone Who “Gets” You.

I was curious at the beginning, but NOT looking for a “woo woo” all-encompassing experience. I just wanted to calm things down in my head!

Working with a trained counselor who had a lot of respect for meditation and mindfulness, but who never pushed that at me, was what I needed.

She was completely open to helping me, but never made me feel like I “had to” meditate. I think that becoming more mindful, aware, and meditative is something you need to want for yourself, not something to add to your to-do list to impress someone else.


Thanks for sharing these Hanna! 

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Everyone has a different story to share, right? 

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