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How Silence Can Change Your Life [MarketHer Ep. 61]

How Silence Can Change Your Life [MarketHer Ep. 61] Blog Feature

July 10th, 2019 min read

Perhaps one of the coolest things about this season's MarketHer theme is that while every guest ends at a very similar end goal (the practice of mindfulness and/or meditation), their journeys are drastically different.

Suma, a HubSpot Agency Owner, and our guest this week, is no exception.

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When Suma was faced with the tough reality of having to run an agency on her own after her co-founder left the company, she felt overwhelmed. Especially since she only had experience in operations previously. 

She followed her gut and pushed forward, which lead her to take an entrepreneur course, however, that wasn't smooth sailing either.

Well, not until her facilitator noticed she was all over the place.

That's when he gave her this simple advice -- Go sit in silence. 

Those few words changed her life, both professionally and personally. 
Find out how:

Ready to get started? Here are some tips that Suma shared to come back to the present:

  • Breath is the easiest way to do it. Take deep breaths. Or simply focus on your breathing for a few minutes.
  • Focus on your feet, how they touch the floor/ground. Bring your attention to the feet. So you feel grounded, and not going round and round in your head.
  • Look around and pay attention to something. A leaf, a flower, a smile, a building, anything. Just observe. You don't have to like it or hate it. Or judge it. Just observe. Soon you will start noticing some great beauty in the absolutely mundane.
  • Focus on what you're eating. Close your eyes if you must. Taste it. Eat slowly. Notice various flavors. No need to label them. Just experience them.
  • Chanting helps a lot. There are so many mantras, or you can make one up yourself. 

And if you're ready to start reading and immersing yourself, here are some resources that she found valuable in her journey:

And hey, if you decide that you're not ready to dive into the resource above, that's okay -- take this last bit of advice from Suma: "Above all, be kind to yourself (this is probably the hardest, but without this, we aren't going to get far, are we?)."

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