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How to Use Chatbots to Improve Your eCommerce User Experience [Infographic]

How to Use Chatbots to Improve Your eCommerce User Experience [Infographic] Blog Feature

Joe Rinaldi

UX Designer, HubSpot Design & GDD Certified, Designer for 70+ Sites for HubSpot and Various CMSs

August 18th, 2018 min read

Five years ago, if someone mentioned the word “bots” to you, your mind would probably start to think back to any of the famous pop culture robots from the 80s and 90s.

Johnny 5. R2-D2. The Iron Giant.

That’s not just me, right?

Fast-forward to today and the word bots has taken on an entirely new meaning.

Now, when people hear about bots, they think about the chatbots they see in Facebook messenger or on their favorite website.

In just a few short years, chatbots (a major player in conversational marketing) have taken the marketing industry by storm.

Companies everywhere are implementing them into their marketing. They’ve become so popular, 80% of businesses claim they already use or plan to use chatbots by 2020.

Now you might be thinking “That all sounds cool and futuristic, but what’s the real benefit here?

Well that’s a solid question, my inquisitive friend. I used to think the same thing. At first, chatbots just sounded like a fancy version of live chat. However, I quickly realized it was so much more than that.

Chatbots can significantly improve your website’s user experience by engaging with new users, starting a personalized conversation, and even taking feedback. They’re essentially an extension of your marketing and sales team.  

Not only are they available 24/7, the automation saves your team valuable time and resources to work on more high-priority tasks.

In the infographic below, Market Inspector details how chatbots can solve for some of the most common problems website visitors run into, the value chatbots bring to your site, and the future of chatbots. 

Let’s dive into some of the key points of the infographic!

Some common website problems include:

  • Navigation that is difficult to navigate: 34% of users find companies websites hard to navigate
  • Abandoned carts on eCommerce: 57% of users abandon their shopping carts as they feel not ready buy yet.
  • Difficulty finding answers to simple questions: 31% of users are not able to get answers to simple questions about the business
  • Lack of online reviews: 49% of users say their buying decision was influenced by online reviews.

Chatbots help solve these problems by:

  • Engaging with users as soon as they reach your website. They can send welcome messages to help users get started and guide them to more specific pages based on their needs.
  • Keeping users moving through the checkout process by sending them offers and discount codes. They can also re-engage users by suggesting related products.
  • Answering simple questions for users and redirecting more complex questions to the appropriate teams
  • Collecting feedback and product suggestions to take back to your sales team.

The Future of Chatbots:

  • By 2022 banks could automate up to 90% of their interactions with chatbots
  • 96% of companies believe chatbots are here to stay
  • 55% of users are eager to interact with businesses who use messaging to solve a problem
Unlocking the Potential of Chatbots in E-Commerce
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