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Book Club: Interview with Radical Candor Author, Kim Scott [MarketHer Ep. 25]

Book Club: Interview with Radical Candor Author, Kim Scott [MarketHer Ep. 25] Blog Feature

February 28th, 2018 min read

Do you ever have those days at work that you just need to be pinched because something so wonderful and unbelievable happened? 

Well, Angela, Brie, and I needed a good pinch last week, because we were honored (and a little fan-girling) to welcome Kim Scott, the author of Radical Candor on this week's episode of MarketHer!

Early February, we shared that each month, we'll pick a book and together as a MarketHer community, we'll read, discuss, and do an episode based on the concepts of the book. 

With all of us being newer leaders, we were thrilled to be able to read Radical Candor and start applying the lessons found in it to our jobs. 

What we weren't expecting was Kim Scott to be so generous to actually join us for an episode. 

[Inserts lots of, "OH MY GOSH! REALLY?!?! YAY!!!"]

During our interview with her, Kim shared stories of times when radical candor was used correctly and not-so correctly.

She gave us her personal insight into why she wrote the book and dove deeper into the concepts of living a life committed to practicing radical candor. 

Watch our interview with Kim Scott below and then jump into our MarketHer Facebook Group to learn what March's Book Club book will be!

If you have some tips, email us at markether@impactbnd.com. We will share it on our Facebook page!! 


If you haven't ready Radical Candor: Be a Kick-ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity yet, go order it right now, or download on Audible for free with a 30-day free trial! 

Either way, get it, read it and then join in the conversation here

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