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IMPACT Editorial & Quality Guidelines

Who Is IMPACT's Audience?

We have a global audience of marketing professionals including inbound marketing, sales, UX and UI leaders, fellow agency members, and aspiring leaders.

These individuals typically own or work for small to medium-sized B2B businesses located in North America, and are looking to grow the performance of their marketing, design, careers, or organizations as a whole.

We generate more than 7,000 new contacts/month.

What Does a Good IMPACT Article Look Like?

IMPACT is the most honest, unfiltered resource for learning and implementing inbound success at your organization.

Along with the latest actionable advice, tactics, and strategies, we share unique, thought-provoking perspectives, and personal, real-life stories of the triumphs (and tribulations) that come with growing through inbound.

We want to share the real experiences of implementing inbound marketing, not just the best-case scenarios shared by other agencies.

We also strive to leave the reader with actionable advice that they or teammate can implement right away. No question or concern should go unaddressed.

More specifically:

  • Content MUST be original and not published or distributed elsewhere. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

  • MUST be well-written in grammatically correct English.

  • Information/advice shared is sound, accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to the audience.

  • Shares advanced knowledge; goes beyond best practices, sharing what it's actually like to implement inbound marketing. (Exception may be made for brand new tools/subject matter)

  • May share stories from personal experiences, including candid lessons and reflections.

  • Leaves no plausible reader questions on the topic unanswered or unaddressed.

  • Focuses not just on what, but why and how of the subject matter at hand.

  • Supports claims with data and research.

  • Sources all statistics, quotes, or data.

  • Includes actionable guidance, tips, or advice so that the reader can actually put the content to use.

  • Follows Pareto's principle in terms of self-promotion: 80% of the content is helpful, education, or entertaining, 20% or less is self or sales-oriented.

  • Any financial relationships must be disclosed. (i.e. If you are an agency and you refer to a client.)

  • Use imagery, charts, graphics, screenshots, etc. to highlight/explain your content as needed.

  • All imagery must be compressed to be 100kb or less, or as close as possible without compromising quality.

  • Includes a high-quality featured image, 1000px wide and at least 500px tall.

  • Include an Author Bio


  • A well-thought-out IMPACT article is typically at least 1000 words. Our best performing pieces are usually 1200-2200 words.

  • Visual content (i.e. infographics or videos) must be supplemented with a write-up of at least 600 words.

  • Titles should be no longer than 70 characters.


IMPACT keeps its content as easy to read as possible incorporating the following guidelines:

  • Keep paragraphs short. (Usually no more than 3 lines long, on screen.)

  • Use bullets, lists, bolding, italics, headers, block quotes, etc. to effectively break up and organize your content.

  • Include at least 1-3 links to related IMPACT content, 3 external links and related, reliable resources. (Note: This will increase depending on the length of the article.)

  • Traditional citation is not necessary -- If you refer to a report, expert, etc, simply hyperlink the text and direct link to the page on which the information appears or to the website of the organization responsible for the information.

Subject Matter

Desired articles and suggested titles must be progressive, sharing insight beyond general/introductory knowledge and best practices. Writers are also encouraged to incorporate relevant industry news/current events, advancements, and personal experiences.

Articles should demonstrate unique, tactical insights based upon your hands-on experience or a thought-provoking point of view.

IMPACT strives to cover a variety of marketing and business-related topics that appeal to modern small to medium-sized businesses and their employees. These topics include:

Brand Voice

conversational  | playful | helpful  | knowledgeable | honest | humble | candid

The IMPACT voice is friendly and helpful, yet that of an expert. We strive to share professional, unbiased expertise, while still maintaining a caring, conversational tone, and readability. Don’t be afraid to incorporate humor, pop culture references, or personal experiences.

It is also humble; never speaking arrogantly or boastfully of ourselves, accomplishments, or affiliations. We are equals with our readers.

Linking & Self-Promotion

  • We welcome contributors attaching content offers to the articles they share (subject to our approval).

  • Contributors are encouraged to link to content on their own websites (in a useful, natural way of course).

What Would Get My Article Rejected?

We hold content published on our website (both by our team and by external contributors) to extremely high quality standards. 

If your contribution does not safely meet our editorial & quality guidelines, and requires more than light editing, we reserve the right to reject it. Please make an effort to review published content on our website to fully understand our voice and standards.

Your article will be rejected for publishing if it is:

  • Poorly-written; Suffers from poor English grammar, spelling, or coherency.

  • Unoriginal; Appears on another publication or plagiarizes content of another person/organization.

  • Inadequate in length.

  • Overly self-promotional.

  • Redundant; may be in terms of content shared or writing style.

  • Too introductory; doesn't offer advanced knowledge of the subject matter.

  • Too technical; please see brand/voice for more information.

  • Delivers false information or data.

  • Lacks detail; needs to be comprehensive on the subject at hand.

    • Fails to explain why

All content must also abide by the IMPACT Editorial Code of Ethics and is subject to the discretion of our editorial team. 

Important Notes:

  • All contributor articles on the IMPACT website will be tagged as “contributor.”

  • IMPACT retains final decision on published content (including headlines, featured images, etc.).

  • If content does not safely meet our editorial and quality guidelines, and requires more than light editing, we reserve the right to reject it. Please make an effort to review published content on our website to fully understand our voice and standards.

Rights of Use:

By submitting your content to us, you and/ or your organization will be granting us unlimited rights of use across multiple digital channels including web, social, email, mobile, and PDF. We also retain the right to edit for clarity, tone, and style. Please ensure that you have the right to grant the use for all content and materials that you provide. Please provide copyrights and rights of use for any images used.


IMPACT requests that contributed articles remain exclusive to our site for a minimum of 14 business days, after which time they may only be reposted partially or in full on other sites, if they include attribution and a link back to the original article. (i.e. Including the line: “This content originally appeared as a contribution on IMPACT” hyperlinked to the original source.)


All contributors (sponsored or otherwise) must provide:

  • A high-resolution headshot of author (in .jpg, .jpeg format, square)
  • A brief bio of the listed author:
    • No more than 500 characters long
    • Buttons to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Website, Email will be available.

IMPACT Editorial Guidelines Last Updated: August 30, 2019

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