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Mazzella's Journey

Mazzella Companies reached out to IMPACT in May 2017 with one goal in mind -- in their words, “to be the best teachers in the world when it comes to all things lifting and rigging.” This came on the heels of Mazzella CEO Tony Mazzella hearing IMPACT partner Marcus Sheridan speak at a conference about IMPACT’s core philosophy of They Ask, You Answer.

Not the kind of guy to “dabble” in anything, Tony took immediate steps to build his new marketing team and invest his time and commitment into content marketing.

“I felt a lot of excitement talking with Marcus and decided to initiate They Ask, You Answer right away,” Tony said. “(As recommended), we hired a content manager and videographer within a few weeks and started training with IMPACT in June 2017." 

A Company with a Mission ⛰️

Mazzella Companies is one of the largest independently-owned companies in the overhead lifting and rigging space, employing more than 750 people in 30 locations spanning North America. Beneath the Mazzella umbrella are several lifting, rigging, and material-handling companies, as well as a few prominent businesses in the architectural metals market.

With the guidance of IMPACT’s consultants, Mazzella set out to create and leverage content in their digital sales and marketing processes as a means to fulfill their mission:

“Our company mission is to instill confidence and comfort in every customer interaction. Part of that is being a company that can educate, is transparent, and one people can trust.”

Mazzella’s content team and IMPACT agreed that the best way to attain their goals was to begin with a “101 approach” to addressing the most pressing lifting and rigging topics and questions their potential buyers would have, at a pace of publishing two new articles and one new video every single week.

It didn’t take long for them to start seeing the results they were looking for.

Leaps in Traffic & Leads 

When Mazzella first began publishing content, their website was getting around 5,500 visits per month, converting an average of 50 leads, and was ranking for 2,683 keywords with 174 of those keywords ranking on the first page.

They now report more than 20,000 visits per month, generate more than 240 leads, and rank for 7,659 keywords -- with 1,245 found on the first page of search engines.

Mazzella saw the value in They Ask, You Answer early on when their content began appearing on the first page of search results for some of their industry’s most coveted keywords.

Recognizing the value of their new partnership with IMPACT, they decided to rinse and repeat their successes by hiring another content manager and videographer to head up their architectural metals division and begin producing content for Sheffield Metals.

Sticking with IMPACT’s consultant team, they began answering consumers’ questions about metal roofing and siding products through written and visual content in October 2017.

Could lightning possibly strike twice? Absolutely.

Sheffield Metals Increased Revenue by $20 Million

Since implementing their new content-focused approached, the Sheffield Metals team saw their organic traffic increase from 1,100 visits per month to nearly 20,000 visitors per month. New monthly contacts went from just six to more than 170. And their keywords increased from a total of 718 with 39 on the first page to 7,255 with 662 on the first page.

While their keywords, traffic, and leads numbers are nothing to scoff at, in the end, true success really boils down to the bottom line -- were they making money as a result of their investment in content creation?

Client Testimonial
In the 18 months since starting (our new approach), our sales revenues are up almost $20 million.

Adam Mazzella VP of Sales, Sheffield Metals

So, to what do both Mazzella Companies and Sheffield Metals attribute their success? And why would a company with an internal marketing team hire an agency for content consulting?

“While we are marketers, we’re not experts at marketing,” explained Julianne Calapa, “We don’t always know what’s new in the digital marketing space. We specialize in metal. Having IMPACT coaching keeps us up to date on the latest best practices for all things inbound marketing and content marketing. We take the training and apply them to how it works for our own business.”

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