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Office Interiors' Journey

When you think of Canada, you probably imagine a bunch of ice hockey enthusiasts munching poutine and chugging maple syrup while kindly chatting with horseback mounted police officers about how cool it is they have their own signature ham on pizzas.

Nailed it, eh?

As a nation widely regarded for being polite, considerate, and helpful, it was only a matter of time before someone from Canada heard Marcus Sheridan talk about They Ask, You Answer — a revolutionary business philosophy which, when embraced fully, will position companies as the most trusted voice in their industry and recognized how the values in the book synced with their own.

That’s exactly what happened to an office furniture and technology company with offices spread throughout three eastern provinces in Canada.

The Office Interiors team discovers They Ask, You Answer

Jim Mills, CEO and Keith Skiffington, COO of Office Interiors attended a local business seminar when they heard IMPACT partner Marcus Sheridan speak about They Ask, You Answer.”

“I remember Marcus talking about his book,” Jim said. “It hit a chord with us. We got the book, read it, and started implementing it.”

Although the Office Interiors team had bought into the principles of They Ask, You Answer, purchased HubSpot to track their progress and started blogging on The Big 5 topics, they weren’t seeing the results they had hoped for.

At first, they struggled self-implementing their new approach

“We tried to self implement They Ask, You Answer,” Keith admitted, “We found it really difficult because we didn’t understand the concepts behind how to make it work. We thought, ‘we gotta go down a different path if we’re going to be serious about this.’”

Director of Marketing and Inbound Business Development Cory Porteous agrees that initial efforts were lackluster. 

“We started trying to take the They Ask, You Answer philosophy and incorporate it into our blog articles,” said Cory. “We weren’t very effective. Only 4% of our website page views were coming from the blog. We realized we needed to do this better.

Then they partnered with IMPACT 

In February 2018, Office Interiors began working with IMPACT’s content and HubSpot consultants. 

The team at Office Interiors understood the types of blog articles they needed to write from reading They Ask, You Answer, but they needed help creating articles optimized for search and reader engagement.

“It wasn’t until working with IMPACT that we learned how to write in ways that get people to read the articles, to find them on Google,” said Cory, “We learned all the science behind blogging from IMPACT.”

In addition to improving the quality of their content, Office Interiors pledged to publish no less than ten blog posts every month.

“It’s really night and day when you look at the quality of our writing before working with IMPACT and after,” Cory shared. “You wouldn't even be able to tell it was the same authors.”

Within a year of steady blogging and making improvements to their website, Office Interiors were able to triple their traffic.

By two years, they had grown traffic six times from where they started. 

“Now, after working with IMPACT for two years, 54% of all page views are views of the blog. And not only did we grow our website traffic and leads, but our qualified leads are now even more qualified,” Cory said.

Office Interiors brought their video efforts in-house

Although Office Interiors had gone all-in with producing their own written content, by mid-2019 they had only dipped their toes into video marketing. 

Alongside their in-house blog articles, Office Interiors were adding video content by outsourcing their videos to a freelance videographer.

Once they saw results from video marketing, however, they realized they could produce higher quality videos faster and more affordably by hiring an in-house videographer.

“We knew video had to be a part of what we were doing,” said Keith, “We put a bunch of effort into making sure that was our next initiative.”

In October 2019, Office Interiors hired Cody Turner to head up video production.

“One of the benefits of bringing me on is that we’ve been able to do more videos in a shorter amount of time for the same budget or even less,” said Cody.

For shooting videos, Office Interiors uses its own sales folks and subject matter experts for on-air talent. And while being on camera took some getting used to, many of their staff now embrace it.

“Having the chance to speak to a broader audience is very exciting,” explained Business Development Manager Tina Prinsenberg,  “I think the learning curve was just getting used to how it felt being in front of a camera.”

Through using analytics tools like HubSpot, Vidyard, and TubeBuddy, they’re able to measure the effectiveness of their videos. 

“Using tools, we can see how effective the videos are,” said Cody. “We’re seeing that we’re getting more leads from this. It’s great to see that we can make informative videos and there are visible results.”

In addition to using video content on YouTube and various webpages, Office Interiors uses 1-to-1 personalized videos for sales and marketing emails.

“Videos are always helpful for following up with clients when we’re exploring new products with them,” Tina said. “It makes our meetings so much more effective.”

"We generated over $1 million in revenue in 2019"

After two years of publishing high-quality content at a consistent cadence, Office Interiors shows no signs of slowing down. Nearly every month over the last 24 months, they’ve seen their website traffic, leads, and sales continue to climb.

“Since starting with IMPACT, we’re up to 14,000 visitors and 150 marketing qualified leads annually, and we generated over $1 million in revenue in 2019,” said Cody.

“We’ll continue to work with IMPACT. If they can get us these kinds of results in two years of working with them, what will another two years look like?

First Page Keywords: 11 - 564 (4127% Increase)

Top 10 Organic Keywords Trend

Total Keywords: 14 - 4214 (30,000% Increase)

Organic Keyword Trend - Office Interiors

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