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Jessica Palmeri

Lead HubSpot Trainer

Location: New Haven, Connecticut

Jessica's Bio

Jessica is the Director of Operations with a long track record of leveraging HubSpot as a marketer, as well as training HubSpot clients on how to maximize their investment in the tool.

Jessica has 10+ years of hands-on HubSpot experience. She works with clients to up their inbound marketing game, consider out-of-the-box automation strategies, and ultimately achieve their organizational goals.

She’s active in Certified HubSpot Trainer User Groups and periodically connects with product managers at HubSpot to provide feedback on their product roadmap.

When she’s not HubSpotting, Jessica loves to tackle new recipes in the kitchen, and she’s always down for a good road trip or weekend hike to enjoy spending time outside (away from her laptop).

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Jessica's Certifications

Inbound Marketing

HubSpot Trainer

HubSpot Marketing Software

Growth-Driven Design

Contextual Marketing

HubSpot Sales Software


Inbound Sales

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