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Myriah Anderson

By Myriah Anderson

Jul 23, 2019


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1:1 Video, Sales, & Conversational Marketing with Cody Bernard of Drift [Film School For Marketers Podcast, Ep. 18]

Myriah Anderson

By Myriah Anderson

Jul 23, 2019

1:1 Video, Sales, & Conversational Marketing with Cody Bernard of Drift [Film School For Marketers Podcast, Ep. 18]

On this episode of Film School for Marketers we have special guest: Cody Bernard, Product Marketing Manager at Drift.

We talk about the launch of his company's new tool, Drift Video — how it works, why they decided to build the tool, and ways you can use it to transform your sales process. 

Listen to the full episode here (or scroll down to watch the video):

What is Drift?

Drift is a conversational marketing platform designed to help sales teams connect with their future customers now. 

What is Drift Video? How does it work and what led up to the decision to roll out a video product?

Over the last few years the founders of Drift noticed there was a big new trend in B2B, which was messaging and video. Video is taking the world by storm. You see it across everything from consumer products to LinkedIn. Drift wanted to find a way to incorporate it into conversational marketing.

Drift Video allows you to create 1:1 videos within the platform and give the prospect an opportunity to start a real time conversation via chat after watching. The goal is to provide a human element and help teams engage with their prospects at a much higher rate.

Drift was also able to determine that 50% of its closed business in 2018 was influenced by video, which gave designers even more reason to build out Drift Video.

What are the major differences with Drift Video vs. GoVideo Soapbox and Loom?

No matter what video tool you use, Drift Video is meant to benefit anybody. It does compete with some other 1:1 videos in the space. The thing that makes it different is that you are able to integrate video with the platform and in real time to start a conversation.

The ultimate benefit is to the prospect themselves. You give them options for making it easy to interact with you. They don’t have to jump into a chat with you, but you give a better option than having to go back and forth via email. The tool also doesn’t just apply to sales teams, but can be used across the entire business. For example it can be used for internal communication.

What are tactics that have worked well for Drift or Drift customers?

Every sales person has precious time, and they’ve seen customers do "one too many" videos. Instead of using a person's name you can use terms like "you" and "your" and therefore provide personalization, put it in a sequence, and let it do its thing. 

What will be the effect on the 1:1 video scene with this type of change in the way video is being consumed?

It’s not just about video for sales, but using it for internal company communication. We talk about how Drift uses it, and the positive impact it can make on internal communication across internal departments.

What are the future plans for Drift Video?

  • Additional analytics 
  • Integrating with third party tools that make it easier to lower the barrier to entry for video

What does the security element look like?

If you’re a company that doesn’t want certain information out in public, such as when you’re in the SOW stage or if you’re sharing a product roadmap, they’ve got you covered with built-in security permissions. Just like Google docs, you can identify who has access at the domain and email level.

Is there training available to clients?

Drift has started to put together a library of content. Everything from help documentation on using the product, up to thought leadership and best practices. There is a bigger role the Drift team can play with defining what video usage will look like in an organization. 

What are the things you are noticing are barriers to adoption to this type of technology?

The biggest barrier is around taking the time to record a video. When they initially launched they were honing in on the sales persona. Sales teams don’t want to add more work to their plate, and they often times have the perception that video will take more time. In reality, there is the ability to take less time in your everyday work by using video. 

The second biggest barrier is at management level. It’s something that needs to be ingrained in your culture. At Drift, every new employee has to record a video and share with the team to help them get comfortable with using it. Sometimes, the adoption of video from an organizational standpoint isn’t there. 

Unique video uses Drift has seen?

They've seen everything from using whiteboards to grabbing the VP of Sales to record a video with a sales rep.  The more creative you are, the more emotion you'll pull out of prospect and show that you’re human.

Define one impact Drift wants to make when it comes to video. What would it be?

Connecting people. Connecting their audience with prospects and buyers as quickly as possible. Meeting people where they are and allowing them to engage on their own terms.

Lastly, in our episode we plan a fun game with Cody called “Just a minute.”


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