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Home Decor & Finding the Courage to Stand Alone [MarketHer Ep. 29]

Home Decor & Finding the Courage to Stand Alone [MarketHer Ep. 29] Blog Feature

April 4th, 2018 min read

Have you ever read a book, listened to an interview, or a watched a video that spoke so directly to your life that it was almost scary?

It happened to me this weekend and I can't wait to share more about with you!

After a few weeks of traveling, sickness, and general chicken business around here at The Old Rugged Farm, I finally signed up for the gym I did a free week at a while ago. 

While there, I stumbled upon a podcast from Jen Hatmaker, called For the Love. 

In the episode I found, Jen interviewed researcher and author, Brené Brown about vulnerability. 

During the podcast, they share great insights that we dig into during our chat, including: 

  • How to manage the need to belong
  • What it takes to stand in courage 
  • Home decor (okay, that was actually just us)

Tune in below to hear our chat and listen to Jen and Brené here on For the Love Podcast.*

*The For the Love podcast is hosted by Jen Hatmaker, a Christian author. The second half of the interview focuses on faith and spirituality. Feel free to continue listening to that part if it speaks to you. We found incredible value in the first 30-minutes alone!

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