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How to produce high-quality video content at home (Film School for Marketers, Ep. 41)

How to produce high-quality video content at home (Film School for Marketers, Ep. 41) Blog Feature

Zach Basner

Director of Inbound Training and Video Strategy, Inbound and Video Workshop Trainer, Creator of the Facebook Group ‘Film School for Marketers’

April 7th, 2020 min read

With many business professionals working from home currently, the need for more video content has never been higher, but how can you film high-quality content in your home?

This is something many of us are dealing with currently, so we were excited to cover it in this week's episode. 

Last week in the Film School for Marketers Facebook group, Kendall Guinn asked: 

"How are you continuing to film/produce content at the quality pre covid If your talent is at home using basic webcams that are built into their computers and don’t have good audio and you don’t have your videographer there?"

Thank you for your request, Kendall!

It's a great question, with some (hopefully) great suggestions to follow.

But, first, is that actually possible?

To produce the same quality video from your home without equipment, training, and/or a videographer?

The short answer: probably not, but perhaps that's not an issue right now.

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Listen to the full episode here (or scroll down to watch the video):

In this episode, Will and I are covering eight production tips and tricks that you can use to produce higher quality videos with your existing webcam and home setup.

Specifically we're diving in and discussing:

  • How to get the best quality webcam footage from your computer
  • Finding the best background for your at-home video shoot
  • How to get high quality audio without fancy equipment
  • Why you need to keep an eye on composition, and train your team to compose shots properly
  • How to properly deliver your message when no one is around to guide you
  • Tips filming a video that doesn't need to be edited at all
  • Do's and don'ts of virtual backgrounds

Check out additional resources that we mention in this episode:

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