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Video and production tips from hosting our first virtual event [Film School for Marketers, Ep. 43]

Video and production tips from hosting our first virtual event [Film School for Marketers, Ep. 43] Blog Feature

Myriah Anderson

IMPACT+ Community Manager, 6+ Years Marketing Experience, Track Record of Helping Clients Double Their Traffic and Leads

May 5th, 2020 min read

COVID-19 (coronavirus) has made organizations all over the world rethink how they do business — whether it be sales conversations, internal meetings, or even planned in-person events.

IMPACT had Digital Sales & Marketing World planned as an in-person event for April and when things quickly changed, so did our plans.

Today we have special guest Stephanie Baiocchi, Director of Community & Events, who was able to take our in-person event and quickly organize Digital Sales & Marketing Day, a virtual conference within weeks.

Stephanie has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to events and audience engagement and, on this episode, she discusses her experience putting on the event, and questions she got along the way from others trying to do the same.

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Listen to the full episode here (or scroll down to watch the video):

Specifically we’re discussing: 

  • What were the first few decisions you had to make to plan the virtual event? 
  • What is the distinction between a webinar vs. a virtual event?
  • Why did IMPACT choose to go with pre-recorded sessions vs. live? 
  • Did we see a difference between the pre-recorded sessions vs. live?
  • The tool we used for Digital Sales and Marketing Day, and what we looked for in a tool 
  • What software did the team use for their pre-recorded sessions?
  • What were the good and bad parts of having people pre-record on their own at home?
  • What were the biggest takeaways from promoting the event?
  • How is IMPACT repurposing all of the video content from the event?

Here is Jess Palmeri's course recording setup: 

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 8.00.03 AM

Stephanie also mentioned this incredible resource, which is the Event Marketer’s Guide to Going Virtual. It breaks down event technologies, best practices, and event formats. 

If you want to get in touch with Stephanie you can connect with her on LinkedIn

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