We're All Media Companies: How to Sell Like a Media Company [Part 3]

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Studies show that within the year, 80% of online content consumed will be video based.

In short, over the next few months, we'll all need to harness the power of video to create and close new sales if we want to stay ahead of the competition.

Join Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing at Vidyard, and Zachary Basner, Director of Video Training & Strategy at IMPACT, to learn how to create highly personal video messages, target those messages throughout the customer journey, and start using those videos in your sales process right away.

Whether you're B2B, B2C, service, product, big or small, this webinar is a can't-miss event for those who want to enter this next video era prepared and ready to sell like a media company.


Tyler Lessard

VP Marketing, Vidyard

As VP Marketing at Vidyard, Tyler immerses himself in understanding the latest trends, hacks and best practices for putting video to work in any sized business. He's a frequent author and speaker on the art of creating remarkable experiences, how to use video for lead generation and deal acceleration, and how to "find your wow" through the power of visual storytelling.

Zachary Basner

Director of Video Training & Strategy, IMPACT

As Director of Video Training and Strategy at IMPACT, Zach helps teams improve their sales and marketing efforts by creating influential and effective video strategies.  He teaches them how to create high-quality video content in-house and empowers them by developing professional production and on-screen techniques. Zach has hired and trained more than 40 videographers, reviewed and edited hundreds of videos from across the globe, and shot and directed hundreds of his own. Also the host of Film School for Marketers on YouTube, Zach approaches video and film not only as his profession but a passionate hobby outside of the office. Every video tells a story, and Zach wants to help you tell yours.

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