Here Are Your Inbound Marketing Scorecard Results

“How Can I Get Started Right Now?”

Below are the most important Inbound Success Playbooks you need to start with. Each features step-by-step process overviews, expert insights, and loads of real-life examples to put you on the path toward digital sales and marketing success with inbound.

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Align Your Company on Inbound as a Way of Doing Business

You are about to embark upon the highest priority playbook that will put you and your organization on the pathway toward achieving success with inbound. You need to know, however, that it’s going to be one of the most challenging playbooks you will work through -- but the rewards of completing it are well worth your effort.

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Create Content That Drives Revenue

In our experience, the five specific inbound marketing content topics outlined in this playbook -- which we call "The Big 5" -- have shown, time and again, to drive the best results for businesses in a way that transcends all industries -- B2B, B2C, nonprofit, and everything in between.

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Get the Most Out of Digital Sales & Marketing Technology (& Measure ROI)

If you aren't able to generate revenue for your company with inbound, it’s not worth the price -- but the only way to measure the financial ROI of your inbound efforts is with the right technology. In this playbook, you will learn how to get started with HubSpot, so you can start measuring the return on your own investment with inbound.

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Integrate Content into Your Sales Process

Typically, when businesses embrace truly answering the questions of their buyers through content, they publish everything to their website and wait for the magic to happen. This isn’t enough. This playbook will teach you exactly how to engage your sales team in the content process, so magic will assuredly happen.

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Optimize the Performance of Your Content

Your company is aligned, and your team understands The Big 5 content and The Selling 7 videos you need to create to be successful with inbound. But what comes next? This playbook will teach you how to overcome the most common content publishing challenges and future-proof your inbound content strategies.

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Create Videos That Drive Revenue

This playbook will show you how to embrace this culture of video in-house through the creation of “The Selling 7” -- the seven distinct types of videos that are proven to generate incredible bottom-line results for hundreds of our clients across virtually all industries.

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Bring Video into Your Digital Sales & Marketing Program

Similar to how you need to approach creating content, your ability to see revenue from video will directly correlate to your commitment to investing in the right resources (people and equipment) and learning how to be the best visual educators in your space -- this playbook is your personal roadmap to success with video.

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Build the Perfect Inbound Website

While what’s possible with web design and development is always changing, this playbook will outline the seven specific "evergreen" priorities you should focus on if you want to transform your web presence into a perfect inbound website.

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