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1-to-1 video vs. 1-to-many video: When to use each in your sales process [+video]

1-to-1 video vs. 1-to-many video: When to use each in your sales process [+video] Blog Feature

Myriah Anderson

IMPACT+ Community Manager, 6+ Years Marketing Experience, Track Record of Helping Clients Double Their Traffic and Leads

January 20th, 2020 min read

As a salesperson, time is money, which means if you’re adding anything new into your daily process it needs to not only be effective, but efficient.

Personalized video can be a powerful tool in your sales outreach, but at this moment you might be thinking “it is going to take a lot of time to record personalized videos for every interaction I have.”

Surprise! You don’t need to create a new video for every scenario.

Today, we’re going to dive into 1:1 video vs. 1:Many videos — as well as what they are, and scenarios of when you should be using one versus the other.

What is personalized video?

If you are new to the world of video selling, this might be a new term for you. (For those of you who are familiar, I give you permission to skip past this part.)

Personalized video is video you can create on your computer or on your phone. It’s not meant to be a highly produced video that requires a production team. In fact, the whole point of a personalized video is that it feels more authentic and allows you to connect with someone human to human.

In fact, it’s made to be as simple as hitting a record button and send. A tool we use here at IMPACT for personalized videos is Vidyard. You can learn more about it here — and even check out their free Chrome extension.

What is 1:1 video?

A 1:1 video is created for one specific person. It’s a video that isn’t meant to be used over and over again for multiple prospects. In a 1:1 video, you want to take advantage of the fact that you’ve created a personalized experience for the person watching.

You should be using the video content you’re creating to say specific information related to the prospects name, their title, company, or their specific challenges.

1:1 video tends to be most effective earlier in the sales process when you’re in the midst of building trust and getting your prospect’s attention.

An example of a 1:1 video would be if you are prospecting. You wouldn’t want to send a generic video to everyone. Think about being on the other end of a sales email. The most effective ones aren’t those that are copied and pasted into an email and blasted out to a large pool of people.

Outreach that is specific and valuable for an individual person works best.

What is a 1:Many video?

A 1:Many video is meant to be used more than once. It’s meant to still feel personalized and give the impression to your contact that you made it just for them.

You’re able to do this by the choice of words that you use.

For instance, instead of saying the prospect’s name and specific company, you would you words like “you” or “your company”.

Here’s an example of a 1:Many video that was previously used by IMPACT when someone would book a time to meet with us. We’d send it out in a workflow after someone scheduled a sales conversation.

When deciding when to use 1:Many video, I suggest taking a look at your entire sales process and identifying where do you typically have automation instead of personalized outreach.

That’s a great opportunity to take the automated emails you have and start to build out 1:Many videos that you can include in them.

Some examples of when to use 1:Many videos are:

  • Follow-ups after someone has booked a demo/sales appointment
  • Stalled opportunity sequences
  • Team Introductions

Build video into your sales process

Using video in your sales process isn’t just to help you stand out and build trust faster, it’s also meant to make your job easier.

The best way to approach a strategy for when to use 1:1 video or 1:Many for your sales process is to sit down with your team and identify when it would be effective to use each type, and once you do, to plan and record the 1:Many videos and start to integrate them into your process.

This will not only help give you back time as a sales professional, but will also allow you to seamlessly adopt a new tool and process that will positively impact your revenue opportunities.


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