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4 Videos That Will Streamline Your Sales Process — And Don’t Require a Videographer

Zach Basner

By Zach Basner

Jan 18, 2023

4 Videos That Will Streamline Your Sales Process — And Don’t Require a Videographer

Ask any salesperson — at any company, in any industry — and they’ll tell you getting a prospect’s attention and trust are the biggest hurdles to landing more sales. 

Video content can help you accomplish both.

Businesses that use video in their sales process see a 70% boost in open, click-through, and response rates from their prospects. They can close more deals, too. Studies show that you can increase business by about 20% just by using video to correspond with prospects.

Still, sales teams are slow to adopt video, fearing high production costs and lengthy turnaround time. 

But that's outdated thinking. 

You don't need a fancy camera or a background in editing to produce videos that can help you speed up your sales cycle. 

Below, I'll explain how to get started — and share examples, too.

Let’s dive in. 

'Video' does not have to mean 'big budget'

The problem so many of us face is thinking of video production as this expensive, costly, slow-moving undertaking.

That's because the experience use to look like this: 

You hire an agency to come to your office with cameras, mics, and lighting. They spend hours setting up before they even start shooting — and then the actual videos take weeks (or longer!) to produce.

When they come back, the videos look great, but they’re quickly out of date. (Maybe you changed your prices. Maybe someone in the video left the company.) 

You've spent thousands of dollars — and now you need to start again.

That’s not the type of video I’m talking about.

Sure, those videos have their place, but you don’t need high production value (and high cost) to deliver high value to your audience.

During the sales process, it’s more about information and personal connection than it is about cinematic videography.

The pandemic has leveled the playing field

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we think about media. Things are not as polished as they once were. Now, even major TV networks air interviews with people on Zoom, clearly recording from their home office on a webcam.

If ABC News doesn’t always need 4K, neither do you.

Again, I’m not saying high production values don’t have merit; just that they don’t need to be an impediment that holds you back — especially when we’re talking about videos in the sales process. 

4 videos that will streamline your sales cycle 

Why don’t buyers like salespeople? Because they don’t trust them. Buyers worry they're going to get talked into making the wrong purchase.

So, what’s the surest and quickest way to build trust with your audience? Let them see you and get to know you before there’s money on the line. 

Let me show you an example.

Imagine you’re thinking about working with IMPACT. Your company might hire one of our coaches to help you improve your sales and marketing.

But you’re skeptical.

You don’t want some slick, aggressive consultant type to upend your business. 

You hear you’re going to meet your potential coach, Will Schultz.

Ahead of your meeting, you get this video:

Now, how are you feeling?

Before, all you had was a name. Now, after you’ve watched the video, you’ve started to get to know Will.

Are you more likely or less likely to continue?

(Now, I understand that the video above is edited. But only minimally. About 85% of the video is Will talking into his webcam. There are a few photographs spliced in and some b-roll. There’s music in the background. That’s it.) 

In order to build similar trust with your buyers, you can focus on four types of videos that you can insert into the sales process. They’re easy to make and can start delivering results tomorrow.  

1. Before a meeting: The 80% video

Let me ask you this: How many times do you answer the same question every day? If you’re like most sales reps I work with, you’ve answered the same questions hundreds of times, from buyer after buyer after buyer. 

Imagine if you could eliminate that part of your sales meeting.

The 80% video will help you do just that. 

Record a short video (think: 5-7 minutes) that covers the frequently asked questions you hear on every sales call.

You can do this with a webcam and a Google Slide deck.

Then, you send this video to prospects ahead of the meeting. If you do it right, you have answered 80% of the prospect’s questions before the meeting even begins. 

Here’s an example of a video that answers the questions a buyer might have about installing a metal roof:

Again, this is recorded on a webcam, with minimal editing and some small animations added in. 

2. After a meeting: The 'let's cover every detail' video

If you’re sending any kind of sales order, proposal, estimate, or invoice, record a video of you going through the details. This allows you to walk them through the information in more detail and ensure you’re aligned with your buyer.

This is one of those important touchpoints in your relationship. A video helps it feel more human. 

Real-world examples of these videos are sensitive in nature, so you'll just have to use your imagination here. 

3. Before a meeting: Introduce team members they'll be working with

If your sales process has several steps, you might bring a colleague into a meeting to speak with a prospect. Maybe it's someone with special expertise or someone they’ll be working with directly.

This is the place for an employee bio video like the one above from Will. Let the video make the first introduction and break the ice. 

Think of the video from above as an example. Or, check out this one introducing a colleague ahead of a call:

In 50 seconds, the buyer is able to put a face with a name and begin to get to know the person they'll be working with.

4. After a meeting: A summary and follow-up

After the meeting, record a quick video covering the main points that you discussed, as well as next steps. This way, your buyer can share the gist of the call with a coworker or family member without the details getting lost in translation. 

A quick video (think: 30-60 seconds) should do it.

Here's an example from Melissa, one of our salespeople: 

What’s stopping you from getting started?

According to Wyzowl, “89% of people believe their business would benefit from using more video in the sales process.” But still, adoption lags.

Too many teams are held back by thinking that video production is costly and time-consuming.

Remember the true purpose of video in the sales process: To convey information and build connection.

You can use a tool like Vidyard, Loom, or Soapbox to record videos right from your webcam. You can integrate Google Slides or other resources to support your points.

And then you can send it along. 

Or, you can use simple editing software like Canva or Clipchamp to add captions, music, or other elements.

You can do it. Right now. 

As with anything new, the hardest part is getting started. So take the plunge and start small. 

If you want to learn more, head over the IMPACT+, where we've got a free course that will teach you everything you need to know to get started making videos today

Once you start sending out videos, reach out to me on LinkedIn and tell me how it's going. 

Free Assessment:

How does your sales & marketing measure up?
Take this free, 5-minute assessment and learn what you can start doing today to boost traffic, leads, and sales.

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